25 horse conversation questions

25 horse conversation questions

Horse conversation questions

A worksheet of horse discussion questions for speaking practice. The most challenging terms in this activity include – ridden, racetrack, wild, equipment, intelligent, breed, horse whisperer, involve, characteristics, train, and eyesight.

The horse conversation questions are –

Do you like horses? Would you like to own a horse?

Have you ever ridden a horse? Where did you ride a horse? Was it fun?

Where would be the best place to ride a horse?

What do you think of horse racing? Have you ever been to a racetrack?

If you owned a horse, what would you feed it? Where would it sleep?

What things do horse owners need to do to take care of horses?

What are 5 adjectives you would use to describe horses?

Are there any wild horses in your country? Where do they live?

What sort of equipment do you need to go horseback riding?

Do you think horses are intelligent? Are they more intelligent than dogs?

What countries breed the best horses? Do you know any breed names?

In what ways can horses be dangerous? How should you be careful near them?

Do you know of any famous horses? Why are they famous?

Besides being able to ride them, how are horses useful to humans?

Do police in your country ride horses? Have you ever seen police on horses?

Do you know what a horse whisperer is? What are they able to do?

How many different sports that involve horses can you think of?

What skills and characteristics do you need to be a good horserider or jockey?

Do you think it would be difficult to train a horse? How would you do it?

What countries that you know of have lots of horses?

Do you think that horses have good eyesight? Why do you think so?

How much land do you think a horse needs to be happy?

What would you do if you saw a horse in your garden?

How much would you need to spend to buy a horse in your country?

A horse on a prairie
Horse facts quiz

Here is a fun horse facts quiz to do with your students once they have completed the horse conversation questions. For questions with number answers, you can give the class multiple choice answers or award points to whoever makes the closest guess.

1 – How long do horses live? = 30 years

2 – How many horses are there in the world? = 60 million

3 – Can horses breathe through their mouths? = No, they only use their noses.

4 – What is a baby horse called? = a foal

5 – Do horses sleep standing up? = Yes, they sleep both standing and lying down.

6 – Do people eat horses? Yes, in some countries like France and China.

7 – True or false – A horse’s teeth never stop growing. = True

8 –  Are horses native to the Americas? = No, they aren’t.

white horses running in water
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