25 habits conversation questions

25 habits conversation questions

Habits conversation questions

We all have our own particular habits and routines. These have come about through our efforts and sometimes without even us even knowing. You can discuss these habits conversation questions and find out what habits people have and their thoughts on the topic.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity are – strange, irritate, annoy, polite, swear, social media, nervous, and develop.

The habits conversation questions are –


What are some things you always do when you wake up on a weekday morning?

Do any of your friends or family have any strange habits? What are these habits?

Would you say that you have good sleeping habits? At what time do you sleep?

What is a bad habit that you would like to stop? How can you stop?

Do you have healthy eating habits? What food do you usually eat during the week?

What is a habit that another person has that irritates you? Why does it annoy you?

Can you think of some good habits that help people find success in their lives?

Where do you think your habits came from? How can you make something a habit?

What do you think would be a very difficult habit to stop? Why would it be hard?

Do you have a habit of being late, early, or on time for meetings and events?

What are your exercise habits? Do you play sports? Do you get outdoors often?

Do you have polite speaking habits? Do you ever swear? Are you a good listener?

What habits would you suggest somebody take up if they wanted more happiness?

What would you say is the difference between a habit and a hobby?

How often do you look at your phone? Do you have a habit of using social media?

What do you usually do if you feel worried? What do you do if you feel nervous?

For how long do you have to do something every day before it becomes a habit?

What are some good habits that can keep your brain active and healthy?

What is a habit that you have had all your life? Do you think it is a good habit?

Do you know anyone who has been able to change their habits? What did they do?

What do you usually do during the middle of the day when you get a break?

Do you ever drink tea, coffee, or alcohol? How often do you drink these things?

What is a habit that you want to develop? How can you make this a habit?

Did you have different habits when you were younger? What were they?

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Idioms and expressions about habits

Once you have completed the habits conversation questions you can introduce these idioms to keep the discussion going further.

A creature of habit is a person who always has the same routine. They like the routine and it makes them feel comfortable.

The proverb “bad or old habits die hard” simply means that some habits are hard to break and it takes time to change them.

The expression habit is second nature is used to say that some habits are formed without people even trying to have them.

If you do something by force of habit, you do it unconsciously, without thinking. This is because you are so used to doing it.

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