25 chocolate conversation questions

25 chocolate conversation questions

Chocolate conversation questions

Chocolate is eaten all over the world and on special days given as a gift to others. It is a popular treat for all ages and makes for quite an interesting speaking topic. You can use these chocolate discussion questions for a fun speaking activity with ESL students or your friends and family to see what their thoughts are about this subject.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity include –

dark, go well together, mix, addicted, chocoholic, occasion, associate, prefer, overweight, leave out, strangest, culture, invent, unlimited, supply, and resist.


The chocolate conversation questions are –


How often do you eat chocolate? When was the last time you ate chocolate?

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Do you prefer white, dark, or milk chocolate?

Are there any special days in your country when people give and eat chocolate?

Do you know where chocolate comes from? What things are used to make it?

How much chocolate do you think you could eat before you started to feel sick?

Do you think that chocolate is good or bad for your health? Can you explain why?

What foods go well together with chocolate? What foods do not mix with chocolate?

Some people become addicted to chocolate, do you know anyone who is a chocoholic?

What are the most popular chocolate bars in your country? How much do they cost?

Have you ever done any cooking that used chocolate? What did you cook?

Do you like any drinks that have chocolate in them? Have you ever tried hot chocolate?

When was the last time that you gave somebody chocolate? What was the occasion?

For how long can you keep chocolate in the refrigerator before it cannot be eaten?

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like or eat chocolate? Why don’t they eat it?

Which country do you think eats the most chocolate? Why do you think so?

It has been said that chocolate can improve our happiness. Do you agree with this?

What are five things that you associate with chocolate? What would be it’s opposite?

Which do you prefer to eat, chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream?

Who in your family would you say eats the most chocolate? Are they overweight?

What happens to chocolate if you leave it out on a hot summer’s day?

Which country produces the most delicious chocolate? How is it different?

What is the strangest kind of food made with chocolate that you have ever heard of?

Which country or culture do you think invented chocolate? How long ago was this?

If you had an unlimited supply of chocolate do you think that you could resist eating it?

cake with melted chocolate on top

Chocolate facts

Here are some interesting facts that answer some of the chocolate discussion questions and more!

The production of chocolate began in Mesoamerica (modern-day Central America and Mexico).

Chocolate comes from cacao trees. The fruit grows in pods that have seeds that are the main ingredient for making chocolate.

It is said that chocolate was first made by the Olmec civilization sometime between 1500 to 5000 BC.

While the majority of the world’s cacao is now produced in Africa, the largest edible chocolate-producing country is Germany (at the time of writing).

Switzerland is the country that eats the most chocolate per person each year.

3 pieces of chocolate stacked on each other

Idioms related to chocolate

Here are some interesting expressions that you can use to continue the discussion after your class or group has completed the chocolate conversation questions.

Something that is of much use as a chocolate teapot is of no use at all. It won’t help and is practically useless. Another variation of this idiom is “of much use as a chocolate fireguard“.

To say that “life is like a box of chocolates” is to say that we cannot predict or know what will happen in the future.

A person with a sweet tooth loves to eat sweet foods like chocolate that contain a lot of sugar.

If something is short and sweet, it doesn’t take much time and is a pleasant experience.

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