health discussion questions

25 health discussion questions

25 health discussion questions worksheet

Here is a free PDF conversation worksheet of health discussion questions. You can download or print these 25 conversation questions for your class for a simple speaking activity.

There are a few medical words in this activity that may be new to your class. The most difficult terms that you may need to pre-teach beforehand include – stitches, vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbal, damage, insomnia, first-aid, and, serious.

The health discussion questions are –

When did you last see a doctor?

Have you ever been to the hospital?

What things do you do to stay healthy?

Have you ever broken a bone? What happened?

Have you ever had stitches?

What is your diet like? Do you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables?

How often do you see a dentist?

How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?

Do you take vitamins or mineral supplements?

What do you do when you catch a cold?

What do you think about herbal medicine?

What do you think about the covid virus?

What is the most serious health problem in your country?

What are some ways to deal with stress?

What are hospitals like in your country?

What are the best and worst jobs for your health?

What things do you do that might damage your health?

Who is the healthiest person in your family?

What is the best thing to do when you have a headache?

How often do you eat junk food? What kinds of junk food do you eat?

Does your home have a first-aid kit?

Have you ever had insomnia?

Do you watch your weight?

What do you think is a good age to live to?

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