25 love conversation questions

25 Unique love conversation questions

Love conversation questions

Love is a powerful emotion that we feel for other people, animals, beings, and many other things. It can come in many ways such as concern for safety, affection, attachment, admiration, and kinship.

It is another interesting speaking topic for adults and older students. How do your students and colleagues feel about love? Find out with these interesting love discussion questions.

While it is an advanced topic for older ESL students, the vocabulary is not too challenging. The most difficult terms in this activity include – experience, family member, physical object, recently, personality, public, acceptable, romantically, accept, culture, and beneficial.


The love conversation questions are –


1 – Who are some people that you love?

2 – What do you think love is? Why is it that people experience this feeling?

3 – Do you think that you will always love family members more than other people? Why?

4 – How would you describe the feeling of love? Is it different for different people?

5 – Besides romantic love, what other kinds of love can people experience?

6 – If you had to draw or paint a picture of love, what would it look like?

7 – Is it possible for someone to love a physical object? Can you explain why or why not?

8 – Have you ever been in love? How many times have you been in love?

9 – Do you think that animals have the emotion of love? Why or why not?

10 – What advice would you give to a heartbroken person to help them feel better?

11 – Have you ever bought someone a Valentine’s Day present? What did you buy them?

12 – Do you believe there is such a thing as love at first sight? How could it be possible?

13 – Would you say that you love your country or hometown? What is best about it?

14 – Do you know anyone who has recently fallen in love? Has their personality changed?

15 – Have you ever heard of love potions or magic? What happens when they are used?

16 – Do people in your country show much affection in public? What is acceptable?

17 – How long do you think it takes for most people to fall in love romantically?

18 – What is your favorite song about love? Who made the song? What are the lyrics?

19 – Why do you think that people sometimes stop loving each other?

20 – Has someone ever loved you but you didn’t love them back? Why was this?

21 – What would you do if you loved somebody but your family did not accept them?

22 – What is a famous love story from your country or culture? What happens in the story?

23 – When was the last time that you showed somebody some love? What did you do?

24 – Do you think it is possible to make somebody fall in love with you? How?

25 – In what ways can love be beneficial for the whole world?

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Idioms with the word love

Once you have completed the love conversation questions, try introducing these related idioms that use the word love to keep the discussion going. Afterward, see if members of your group or class can use them in sentences correctly. 

When a person says there is no love lost between us, they are saying that they and the person they are referring to don’t like each other.

Puppy love is used to describe a crush that younger people such as teenagers might have on each other.

Two people who are obviously in love by the way that they act can be called lovebirds.

A labor of love is work or something that you do to help someone else, or for pleasure, not for money.

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