25 dessert conversation questions

25 Sweet dessert conversation questions

Dessert conversation questions

Dessert is generally defined as sweet food that is served at the end or after a meal. Each country and culture has its own versions of these sugary and often colorful dishes. Use the discussion questions about dessert to see what your students and friends like to eat!

For English language learners, the most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – dishes, obesity, flavor, traditional, culture, ingredients, strange, disgusting, jelly, popsicle, contain, and spices.


The dessert conversation questions are –


1 – What is dessert? How is it different from other parts of a meal?

2 – What kinds of food do you think are best to eat for dessert?

3 – How many times a week do you eat dessert? What time do you usually eat dessert?

4 – Do you enjoy cooking any desserts? What are some desserts that you can make?

5 – If you were going to make a fruit salad, what fruit would you put in it?

6 – Which country do you think makes the best desserts? What are some of its dishes?

7 – Are there any restaurants where you live that make good desserts? What are they?

8 – What did you like to eat for dessert when you were a child? How about now?

9 – Do you ever think about health and obesity when you choose your dessert?

10 – What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Are there any flavors that you dislike?

11 – When was the last time that you ate cake? What kind of cake was it and who made it?

12 – What are some traditional desserts in your culture? What ingredients are used?

13 – Do you know of any strange desserts? What are they and where are they from?

14 – Have you ever tried a dessert that was too disgusting to eat? What was it?

15 – What are some things that people like to drink for dessert? What do you like to drink?

16 – Do you prefer hot or cold desserts? Do you change desserts at different seasons?

17 – Have you ever tried to make your own jelly or popsicles? What was the result?

18 – If you had a choice of chocolate, ice cream, cake, or fruit, what would you choose?

19 – What desserts do you often buy at the supermarket? Are they cheap or expensive?

20 – Do you believe that it is good or bad for children to eat dessert every night? Why?

21 – Is dessert an important part of meals in your family? What do your parents eat?

22 – Are there any desserts you like that contain a lot of salt or spices? What are they?

23 – What is the unhealthiest dessert that you can think of? What is the healthiest?

24 – Do you eat special desserts on important holidays? Do they have any meaning?

25 – What is a dessert that would be very hard to cook? How long would it take to make?

a strawberry tart dessert
Further activities

To follow up on the dessert discussion questions there are a few things you can do in the English classroom.

First of all, you can ask students to write recipes for their favorite desserts. These should include ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make the dishes. Lower-level classes can simply make dessert menus.

Another idea is to give learners a research project where they are to find information about a dessert (or desserts) in a foreign country. You will find that many desserts have interesting backgrounds and origins.

Finally, as a game, see if your class can come up with a dessert for each letter of the alphabet. This works well in teams with a set time limit of about 5 minutes. Whichever team has the most answers at the end wins!

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