25 walking conversation questions

25 Walking conversation questions

Walking conversation questions

Here are some discussion questions about walking, an activity we begin doing at a young age, and with good luck, well into our senior years. It is something that we can all take for granted and is a conversation topic just about everyone will enjoy taking part in.

This is an easy subject to talk about, the most challenging terms for ESL learners in this speaking exercise that you made need to review include – lifestyle, furthest, footwear, barefoot, special, perfect, hurt, neighborhood, amount, stairs, rather, injured, mental health, stressed, romantic, and space walk.


The walking conversation questions are –


1- Where is your favorite place to go for a walk? How often do you go there?

2- How many miles or kilometers do you walk each week? Where do you walk to?

3- Is walking important for a healthy lifestyle? How much walking should people do?

4 – What is the furthest distance that you have ever walked? Why did you walk this far?

5 – Have you ever been walking in the rain? What was it like? Would you do it again?

6 – What kind of footwear do you usually wear? Do you own shoes just for waking?

7 – Is there anywhere you know of that is dangerous for walking? What danger is there?

8 – On what things do you enjoy walking barefoot? Have you ever cut your foot walking?

9 – Are there any special places for people to go walking where you live?

10 – What is the perfect weather for walking? What weather don’t you like walking in?

11 – What is the difference between walking and hiking? Which do you prefer doing?

12 – How far do you think you can walk before your feet and legs start to hurt?

13 – Where is a place in your town or city that you would be afraid to walk in at night?

14 – Do people in your neighborhood walk a lot, or do they usually drive a car or ride a bike?

15 – Have you ever walked up a very large amount of stairs? Where were you going to?

16 – What things do you usually take with you when you are going for a walk?

17 – If a friend asked you to go on a long walk tomorrow, what would you say to them?

18 – Would you rather go for a walk early in the morning or in the late afternoon? Why?

19 – What could someone see on a one-hour walk around the area in which you live?

20 – How would your life change if you became injured and could not walk for 3 months?

21 – What kind of things do people like to do as they walk? What do you enjoy doing?

22 – How can walking help with our mental health? Do you ever walk if you feel stressed?

23 – Where would be the best place to go for a romantic walk if you were dating?

24 – What do you think it would be like to go for a spacewalk? Would you like to try this?

25 – Have you ever walked into a post or bumped into a person because you weren’t looking? What happened?

a man walking barefoot on a beach

Related idioms about walking

Here are some interesting idioms about walking that you can share and try to use after discussing the walking conversation questions.

If something is a cakewalk, it is very simple and easy to do. Another way to describe something that can be done with ease is to call it a walk in the park.

To walk on thin ice is to do something dangerous, or is very close to upsetting someone, or causing trouble.

A person who walks all over someone treats them very badly and shows that person no respect.

Someone who is known as a walking disaster is always having problems, creating trouble and drama for both themself and others.

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