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19 free printable farm coloring pages (PDF)

Farm coloring pages

Farms are fantastic places full of nature that create our daily food needs. Most kids absolutely love farms and their visuals as they have so many interesting things for them to discover. These free farm coloring pages will most certainly grab their attention!

The free printable PDFs provided on this page can be put to use in a variety of ways. They serve as great supplements and filler activities for any lessons on the subjects of farming, agriculture, nature, and animals. You can use them to teach vocabulary related to farms. the names of colors, and even prepositions of place.

There are some great pictures here that will work for out-and-out art lessons. Beginners can complete them as they learn about things such as shading and contrast.

Note that if you are teaching children about farm animals, you might also want to use the farm animals flashcards along with these coloring sheets. The animals included on these farm coloring pages are the cow, horse, duck, goose, pig, sheep, goat, turkey, donkey, rabbit, ox, and bee.

The first picture above has a farm scene with quite a lot going on. There are typical farm structures with cute animals scattered all over the place. Below there are a couple of cute farm cows. The second cow has a speech bubble to complete. what is the cow saying?

The next few farm coloring sheets below have general working animals that are often used to work and labor on the land. Their animal skins are generally dark earthy colors such as browns and grays.

Behind them, you can see farm barns, trees, and a windmill. In the foreground, there are piles of hay, fruit, and vegetables.

Next, we have some animals on a farm that can fly or have wings. The duck and its duckling a floating in a pond with lily pads, you can use some nice green colors on this page.

The goose is standing next to a small stream and flowers with another barn in the background. You can use a lot of different colors to complete this page.

There is a turkey standing on a bale of hay, you might want to keep this one aside for any fall/autumn or Thanksgiving-themed classes.

Finally, there are some happy bees buzzing around a hive hanging from a tree. This coloring page warrants the use of some lovely yellows, oranges, and browns.

The pictures below don’t have any animals but are still typical farm scenes. There is an apple tree that is being harvested into wooden buckets. You will have to decide, are they green or red apples?

There is also a scarecrow, although it is not very scary! It is standing happily in a field of wheat and corn.

Here are 4 more pages of farms with animals on them. First is a sheep and a baby lamb in a grassy field. There is a smiling goat with a beard in a fenced-off area to keep it out of trouble.

A rabbit or hare is sitting peacefully or perhaps dangerously close to some bunches of tasty carrots. There is also a very healthy-looking pig that is munching away on some apples and corn in its sty.

Tractors on a farm coloring pages

Tractors are the most commonly recognized farm machinery. They help make farmers’ lives easier as they motor around fields doing heavy work. These farm coloring sheets have a few different style tractors with a couple of happy drivers.

You can use these coloring activities in any classes about transport, farming, or work. The tractors can of course be any color but think about using bright non-natural hues to contrast with the farm scenes behind them.

Further related activities

If you want some more farm coloring activities, try the corn coloring pages that have pictures of corn in fields and on farms.

There are also farm vocabulary printables that require farm words to be matched with pictures.

Finally, there are the farming conversation questions for those who would like to have a discussion on the topic of farms.

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