25 logging conversation questions

25 logging conversation questions

Logging conversation questions

A printable worksheet of discussion questions about logging, wood and deforestation. The most challenging words in this exercise include – plantation, furniture, third-world, machinery, transport, deforested, recycled, products, benefits, protected, species, consume, lumberjack, alternative, and construction.

The logging conversation questions are –

Is logging a problem in your country? Is it policed at all?

Does your country have tree plantations? What kinds of trees are grown?

What are some of the main reasons people cut down trees?

Do you ever think about where your wooden furniture comes from?

How can logging be stopped in third-world countries?

What are some different ways that logging is carried out?

What kinds of machinery is used to cut down trees and transport logs?

In your country can anyone cut down a tree when they want to?

What kinds of trees are cut down where you live? Why are they cut down?

What types of wood are very expensive to buy?

Why is the Amazon jungle being deforested so quickly?

What wooden things are there in your home? Where did they come from?

What is wood mostly used for in your country?

Do you recycle paper or ever buy recycled paper products?

What benefits does wood have over plastic?

If you had to cut down a tree in your backyard, how would you do it?

What would the world be like if there were no forests left?

Can logging ever be environmentally friendly? How can it be done?

What can happen to hills and land that have had their trees removed?

Do you know of any protected species of trees in your home country?

What country do you think consumes the largest amount of wood?

Would you like to be a lumberjack? Do you think it would be hard work?

What alternatives to wood are there in construction?

How tall was the biggest tree you have ever seen be cut down?

logging in a forest
Log idioms

Here are some interesting log idioms to share with your class before or after completing the logging conversation questions activity.

To sleep like a log is to sleep very well without any disturbances.

If something is very easy to do it can be said to be easier than rolling off a log.

If you log someone for something you take a record of their bad behaviour.

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