25 construction and building conversation questions

25 construction and building conversation questions

Construction and building conversation questions

These construction and building conversation questions are suitable for teens and adults who are at least intermediate-level English speakers. For similar discussion topics, have a look at the jobs and the DIY conversation questions.

The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – paid, daily rate, safety equipment, construction site, skyscraper, materials, cement, natural disasters, consider, operate, machinery, shelter, renovate, accident, plumber, and carpenter.

The construction and building conversation questions are –

What is the biggest thing you have ever built by yourself? Why did you build it?

Have you ever been to a construction site? What did you do there?

Has the noise of construction ever bothered you? What did you do about it?

Do you think that you would be able to construct your own house?

Are construction workers paid much in your country? What is their daily rate?

What kinds of safety equipment should you wear on a construction site?

Is there a lot of new construction going on in your city? What is being built?

If you could build your own skyscraper, what would it look like?

What material is your home constructed out of? Is your home strong?

What do you think is the best material to build a home with?

Do you know how to mix cement? What is needed and can you explain how to do it?

What is the most famous building in your country? Where is the longest bridge?

What natural disasters are considered before constructing buildings where you live?

What tools do you know how to use? Do you know how to operate any machinery?

What skills do people need to have to be good at building things?

If you were stuck in the jungle, what would you make a shelter out of?

What do you think is the most beautiful building in the world? What is the ugliest?

Would you prefer a house built out of bricks and cement or a house made of wood?

If you could renovate where you live now, how would you change your home?

What things are dangerous and what accidents can happen on a building site?

How high do you think you could climb up a ladder? Are you afraid of heights?

What do you think is the hardest job to do on a construction site?

Which trade do feel is most difficult, being an electrician, plumber, or a carpenter?

What are the differences between being a builder and working in an office?

construction workers building with steel

Building idioms

Here are a few interesting related idioms you can share with your class once they have completed the construction and building conversation questions.

 To build bridges means to make new connections with people.

To build someone up means to say good things about a person to others often to the point that you are exaggerating their qualities.

If you build castles in the air/sky, you make plans to do something that is impossible or has a very small chance of being successful.


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