25 zero conditional questions

50 interesting zero conditional questions

Zero conditional questions

The zero conditional form in English is used to express truth and facts. It is used to talk about things that occur in general daily life, scientific facts, and is used in things like instructions.

There are several forms of the zero conditional but in this case, we are focusing on the “If + present simple + present simple” structure. You can also substitute “if” with “when” if you prefer.

To demonstrate, the printable worksheets have pictures that are to be used to create either questions or sentences using the first conditional. The first picture on sheet 1 is of a flooded road. A zero conditional sentence to describe it could be “If there is a lot of heavy rain it floods. One of the zero conditional questions could be “What happens if it rains for a month?”.

This activity works great as pair work, just check that your students are responding to the questions in the correct grammatical form. There are many variations of answers to the questions that are correct and it makes for great conversation.


The first set of zero conditional questions are –


What happens if somebody falls out of a tall tree?

What happens if somebody wins the lottery jackpot?

What happens if you don’t give a plant water for 6 months?

What happens if you cut your finger with a knife when you are cooking?

What happens if somebody doesn’t take a shower for 2 weeks?

What happens if a person robs a bank but is caught by the police?

What happens if people walk in the rain without an umbrella or raincoat?

What happens if you don’t do any exercise for 2 years?

What happens if you go to bed very late at night?

What happens to boats if there is a big storm in the ocean?

What happens to football players if they score a lot of goals?

What happens to your foot if you step on a bee?

What happens if you mix together the colors blue and yellow?

What happens if you fry eggs for more than one hour?

What happens if there is a blackout and there is no electricity?

What happens if you work hard for many years?

What happens if you leave milk in the sun for a day?

What happens if you don’t eat breakfast and lunch?

What happens if a cat sees a mouse nearby?

What happens if you throw a rock into a river?

What happens if a person goes to work late every day?

What happens if a car or motorcycle runs out of gasoline?

What happens if waiters or waitresses are not polite to customers?

What happens to your lungs if you smoke a lot of cigarettes?

Zero conditional questions 2

The second set of zero conditional questions are –

What happens if you visit a foreign country but cannot speak its language?

What happens if you walk in the forest for 2 days with no shoes?

What happens if you eat a lot of candy and never brush your teeth?

What happens if you turn up the volume on a stereo?

What happens if you touch a hot fire with your hand?

What happens if you hang wet laundry out in the sun?

What happens if you make your mother or father very angry?

What happens if you treat a pet dog with care and love?

What happens if you borrow money from a bank and never give it back?

What happens if you cannot afford to pay the rent for your home?

What happens if a person decides to become a vegetarian?

What happens to the sky if a volcano erupts?

What happens if you put a lot of sugar in a cup of coffee?

What happens if there is a large earthquake in a city?

What happens to a forest if there is no rain for a year?

What happens if a racing car driver wins a race?

What happens if you put a bottle of water in a freezer overnight?

What happens if a town has no trash bins or rubbish collection?

What happens if people are swimming at a beach and see a shark?

What happens to the leaves on trees if it is the season of Fall/Autumn?

What happens to a fish if it is caught by a fisherman?

What happens if you leave a bicycle unlocked on a street for 1 week?

What happens if a person drops a laptop or phone from the top of a tall building?

What happens if you read a lot of books and study hard?

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