25 conversation questions about kitchens

25 Conversation questions about kitchens

Conversation questions about kitchens

Just about every home has a kitchen, the room where we prepare food. Each kitchen is different and has its own peculiarities. Try these discussion questions about kitchens to see how other people’s cooking areas are different and how they would like to improve them.

For English language learners, the most difficult words in this speaking activity are – plumbing, blocked, drain, electric, gas, stove, spices, non-stick, counter/bench, accidents, jealous, located, floor, decorations, broke, and invite.


The questions about kitchens are –


1 – When was the last time you were in a kitchen? What did you do there?

2 – Do you enjoy being in the kitchen? What do you like most about kitchens?

3 – How would you describe your kitchen? Is it new or old? Is it big or small?

4 – What kinds of machines are in your kitchen? Which do you use the most and least?

5 – Does your kitchen have any windows? What can you see from your kitchen?

6 – What is something that you would love to buy for your kitchen? What is it used for?

7 – Does the plumbing in your kitchen work well? Have you ever had a blocked drain?

8 – How many hours a day do you think that you spend in the kitchen?

9 – Is your kitchen clean right now? When will it be cleaned next and who will clean it?

10 – Do you have an electric or gas stove? Which do you prefer to cook on and why?

11 – Do you have herbs and spices in your kitchen? Which ones do you use the most?

12 – About how many cups, plates, and bowls do you own? Do you have a non-stick pan?

13 – Does your kitchen have a smoke alarm? What would you do if there was a fire there?

14 – Is there a pantry or cupboard in your kitchen? What do you keep inside it?

15 – What things do you do in your kitchen besides cooking? Do you ever eat there?

16 – How big is your refrigerator? How do you think people live without refrigerators?

17 – What is your counter or bench made of? Are you able to put hot pots and pans on it?

18 – What kinds of accidents can happen in kitchens? What mishaps have you had?

19 – Are you jealous of anyone else’s kitchen? Whose and why is it better than yours?

20 – Where in your home is your kitchen located? Do you think this is the best place for it?

21 – What is your kitchen floor made of? What would you do if you dropped eggs on it?

22 – What is one thing in your kitchen that you would like to be larger than it is now?

23 – Is there any furniture in your kitchen? Does it have any plants or decorations?

24 – When was the last time something broke in your kitchen? How did this happen?

25 – Do you often invite people into your kitchen? How many people can fit inside it?

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