meat conversation questions for ESL

25 meat conversation questions

Meat conversation questions

A discussion activity about meat for ESL teachers and students. Before undertaking this handout be sure that your class is familiar with these words – rare, medium, well done, raw, starving, refuse, livestock, cloning, vegetarian, vegan, diet, prepare, sauce, cruelty, abattoir, and endangered.


The meat conversation questions are –

1- How much meat did you eat yesterday? What kind of meat was it?

2 – What do you call a person who sells meat?

3 – What is your favorite kind of meat? How do you like it cooked?

4 – What meat is farmed in your home country? Which is most popular?

5 – How do you like your steak cooked – rare, medium, or well done?

6 – Would you ever eat raw meat? What if you were starving and couldn’t cook?

7 – Do you eat meat with every meal? How many times a week do you eat meat?

8 – Is there a kind of meat you refuse to eat?

9 – Where do you usually buy your meat from? Is it expensive?

10 – People are now cloning livestock, would you eat meat from a cloned animal?

11 – Do you think you could kill, cut up, and cook an animal by yourself?

12 – Are there any things you worry about when you go to buy meat?

13 – Are there any holidays in your country where people eat a certain kind of meat?

14 – Do you know any vegans or vegetarians? Why did they choose this diet?

15 – How many days do you think it is safe to keep meat in a refrigerator?

16 – What kind of sauces do you like to put on steak or roast chicken?

17 – Do you know of any special ways to prepare meat for a meal?

18 – Do you think there is animal cruelty in the meat industry? In what ways?

19 – Have you ever been to an abattoir? Do you think you could work in one?

20 – What do you think of meat in a can? Do you ever buy it?

21 – How many different meat products can you think of?

22 – What things do you think go into sausages? How about pet food?

23 – What do you think of people eating endangered species?

24 – Do you think you would be healthy if you stopped eating meat?

25 – Which part of a chicken do you like to eat most?

a table of meat and herbs
Meat Idioms

If you have a beef with someone you have a problem with them, this could be an argument or a grudge from past behaviour. A person asking you what your problem is might say “What’s your beef?”.

If a person is described as a meat and potatoes person they just like ordinary things. They don’t really like fancy, strange, or exotic things.

If you stop a habit suddenly or abruptly you are going cold turkey. For example, we may say this of a person who quits smoking cigarettes completely.

If you chew the meat and spit out the bones, you sort information, keeping the good and getting rid of the bad.

meat roasting beside a fire
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