milk conversation questions for ESL

25 milk conversation questions

Milk conversation questions

Discussion questions on the topic of milk. Before starting this speaking activity, be sure your students are familiar with these words – drunk (verb), straight from, dairy, ingredients, beneficial, milk (verb), soy, almond, breastfeed, sour, and accident.

The milk conversation questions are –

How much milk do you drink each week?

Have you ever drunk fresh milk straight from a cow?

What kinds of dairy products is milk used to make?

What are the ingredients of a milkshake? Can you describe how to make one?

Are there any areas in your country that are famous for cow farms?

In what ways is milk beneficial to our health?

Do you think you would be able to milk a cow? How is it done?

Would you like to have a pet cow? What would you call it?

Do you drink low-fat milk or do you prefer full-fat milk?

What is the best snack to eat with a glass of milk?

Have you ever tried soy or almond milk? What did you think of it?

How does milk get from a cow in the countryside to your refrigerator at home?

When you cook, what dishes do you put milk in?

Besides cows, what other animals do people drink milk from?

Is it better for mothers to breastfeed their children or to use milk formulas?

What are the most popular brands of milk in your country?

Have you ever drunk sour milk by accident? What happened?

How many days can you keep milk in the fridge before it goes bad?

Do you know anybody who doesn’t drink milk? Why don’t they drink milk?

Would you like to work on a dairy farm? Why or why not?

What is your favorite milk product?

How much does a liter or gallon of milk cost in your country?

If you started a milk, ice cream, or chocolate company, what would you call it?

Do you like to drink your milk hot or cold? Do you add anything to it?

milk pouring into a glass.
Milk idioms

If you milk someone dry or milk something you get as much as you can from that person or situation. For example, a person might milk someone for money or information.

If a person says it is no use crying over spilled milk, they are saying there is no point in being upset about something that has happened that you cannot change.

A cash cow is something that makes a lot of money, usually a business or company that earns someone money consistently over time.


Holstein dairy cows on a milk farm
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