sailing conversation questions for ESL

25 sailing conversation questions

Sailing conversation questions

A seafaring discussion activity for classes about the ocean or outdoors. The difficult vocabulary to revise before starting this worksheet include – seasick, sailor, captain, against, rough, emergency, navy, compare, harbor, port, survive, and adrift.


The sailing conversation questions are –


1 – Imagine you are sailing in the middle of the ocean, what things can you see?

2 – Have you ever been sailing? Where did you sail to?

3 – Where in the world would you like to go sailing the most?

4 – Have you ever felt seasick? Where were you?

5 – How many meters long was the biggest boat you have ever been on?

6 – When did you last see a sailboat? Where was it?

7 – If you were to build your own sailboat, what would you name it?

8 – In many countries sailors don’t know how to swim, what do you think of this?

9 – Are there any famous sailors or shipcaptains from your country?

10 – How does a sailboat move forward against the wind?

11 – What would you fear most if you went sailing far into the ocean?

12 – How do you think you would fare in rough seas or a big storm?

13 – What sort of safety and emergency equipment should be kept on boats?

14 – Are there any parts of the world that are dangerous to sail in?

15 – Do you know anyone who has joined the Navy? What job do/did they do?

16 – How long do you think it would take to sail around the whole world?

17 – What ship or boat vocabulary do you know? What things are on ships?

18 – How would you compare sailing 200 years ago to today?

19 – What is the biggest port or harbor in your home country?

20 – If you were lost at sea how would you get fresh water?

21 – How long do you think you could survive at sea if you were adrift in a lifeboat?

22 – Would you like to own a boat or a small ship? How much would it cost to buy?

23 – If you went sailing for several months what things would you take with you?

24 – If you could choose any 3 people in the world, who would you like to sail with?

25 – How are the sails moved on a sailing boat?

sailing boats in Greece from above
Sailing Idioms

If a situation is smooth sailing or plain sailing it is going well without any problems. It can also be something that is easy to do or achieve.

If you rock the boat you cause problems or upset people who were previously happy with their situation.

The phrase all hands on deck is used when everybody available is needed to help.

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