music vocabulary worksheet with instruments

Music vocabulary worksheets

Music vocabulary worksheets

A collection of music vocabulary worksheets with instruments and music genres. These handouts work really well with the music conversation questions worksheet.

In the first handout above the musical icons represent –

Snare Drum – Cymbal – Acoustic Bass – Banjo

Congos – Maracas – Pan Pipes – Tambourine

Harmonica – Accordion – Recorder – Triangle

Clarinet – Saxophone – Keyboard – Bongos

A great way to learn these words is through sound. Think about playing examples of the instruments to see if the students recognize them.



Kinds of music worksheet

In this handout, students match the music genres. It is a bit challenging and best for intermediate or upper-intermediate students. A good idea is to play a short piece of music from each genre to help them with this activity. You could also do it as a class quiz and play a dozen or more 10-second samples and see if they can guess the type of music correctly.

The answers should be –

Jazz – Soul – Rap – Reggae

Punk – Rock – R n B – Classical

Country – EDM – Metal – Acoustic

Blues – Indie – Singer – Live Music


Musical instruments vocabulary with pictures

This handout has 12 sketches of common instruments and is suitable for beginners and elementary students.

The answers are –

Violin – Trumpet – drum – Saxophone

Harp – Bagpipes – Castanets – Piano

Guitar – Tambourine – Banjo – Pan Flute

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