25 noise conversation questions

25 noise conversation questions

Noise conversation questions

A free worksheet of sound and noise conversation questions for ESL learners and general English discussion.

This speaking activity is fairly simple, the most difficult terms that you may need to teach beforehand include  – sleep like a log, laws, rooster, horn, silent, celebration, public, pollution, earplugs, and earmuffs.

The noise conversation questions are –

What is your favourite noise or sound in the world?

What noises can you hear from your home during the day and night?

Which animal makes the most beautiful sound? How about the loudest noise?

Do you wake up easily at night if you hear a noise or sleep like a log?

What sound do you hate the most? How often do you hear it?

Who is the noisiest person that you know? Why are they so noisy?

How many animal noise names do you know in English? What are they?

How many animal noises can you make in 30 seconds?

Are there any laws about making noise where you live? What are they?

Have you ever lived near a rooster? Did the noise bother you?

What is the best sound to listen to when you want to sleep?

Do people who drive cars or motorbikes use their horns a lot where you live?

Has a noise ever made you feel scared? What was it and what did you do?

Have you ever been somewhere completely silent? Where was it?

What noises do you usually hear at parties and celebrations?

What do you think of noisy people on public transport or in restaurants?

What is the loudest noise you have ever heard? How did you feel when you heard it?

Do you think noise pollution affects animals? Which animals and in what ways?

What would you do about neighbours making too much noise?

Have you ever used earplugs or earmuffs to stop hearing a noise? What was it?

Do you prefer the sound of the ocean or the noise rain makes?

How would your life be more difficult if you were deaf?

If you felt like making a lot of loud noise, what would you do?

Are there any sounds or noises that remind you of something?

wave making ocean noise

Noise idioms

If you enjoyed the noise conversation questions, here are some interesting related idioms.

A powerful or important person is sometimes referred to as a big noise.

A loud mouth is a person who talks too much or too noisily.

If you make noises about something you are showing that you are interested in it.

We can say that a person who talks about the same thing over and over, sounds like a broken record.

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