The 5 senses conversation questions

The 5 senses conversation questions

The five senses conversation questions

We use the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste to guide ourselves through this world. They are vital for us to survive, sense danger, and live safely as they send information to our brains. These five senses discussion questions make for an interesting speaking activity on the subject.

This topic can be used for upper-intermediate level ESL speakers and above. The most difficult terms involved in it are – memory, sour, bitter, bland, flavor, sixth sense, slimy, rough, smooth, stare, affect, deodorant, cologne, contact lenses, and damage.

The 5 senses conversation questions are –


What is your favorite smell in the world? Where do you usually get to smell it?

Has a smell or sound ever brought back a memory you have? What is it about?

Can you name foods that taste sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty, and bland?

What kinds of flavors do you like to taste? What is your favorite food or dish?

Do you think that animals and some people have a sixth sense? What is it?

What is the first thing that you usually hear when you first wake up in the morning?

What kinds of things are slimy to touch? What things feel rough and smooth?

Do you prefer a soft or hard bed? What kind of weather makes you feel comfortable?

Which of your senses do you think works the best? Can you explain why?

What is something that you enjoy staring at? How often do you get to do this?

Do your parents or grandparents have any weak senses? Does it affect their lives?

If you could make one of your senses super-powerful, which would be most useful?

Which animals have better senses than humans? Give an example for each sense.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Did you take a photograph?

Have things you like to taste, listen to, and look at changed as you’ve become older?

How do you feel about loud noise? What is the loudest noise that you’ve ever heard?

If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you choose and why?

What is the most disgusting thing that you have ever tasted? Where did you eat it?

Do you use any perfumes, deodorants, or colognes to smell nicer? Why?

What is something in nature that you like to touch or feel? What does it feel like?

Besides music, what sound is the most relaxing or enjoyable for you to listen to?

Do you have good eyesight or do you need to wear glasses or contact lenses?

What kinds of things can damage each of your 5 senses? Can you give examples?

Do you like the smell of people smoking cigarettes? What smells do you dislike?

Further senses activities

Try these fun follow-up ideas once you have completed discussing the senses conversation questions.

1 – Feely bag game. This game involves the sense of touch and involves speaking. All you need is a bag that cannot be seen through (a thick pillowcase works well) and some random objects to put inside it.

Ask a player to come forward and put their hand in the bag. They are to feel the object and describe its texture, size, shape, etc before guessing what it is. This game can be made very easy or difficult depending on what you put in the bag.

2 – Close up picture puzzles. This involves the sense of sight. Check out the free printables in the link that has puzzles of varying difficulty

3 – Adjectives race. Individually or in small groups see how many adjectives students can think of related to each of the five senses. Set a time limit and make it a competition.

4 – Sorting and sentence building. Using the five senses cards that can be found here, you can either get students to group the cards correctly or use them to make sentences or senses questions.

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