25 pirates conversation questions for ESL

25 pirates conversation questions

Pirates conversation questions

Discussion questions about pirates and the high seas for ESL classes. Difficult words on this free worksheet include -modern, piracy, wooden, peg leg, hook, chest, bury, protect, crew, define, exploration, phrase, plank, navigate, technology, and capture.


The pirates conversation questions are –


1 – Have you read any books or watched any movies about pirates?

2 – What do you think modern-day pirates look like?

3 – In what countries is there piracy nowadays?

4 – Would you prefer a wooden peg leg or a hook for a hand?

5 – What are the differences between pirates now and in the past?

6 – If you had a treasure chest full of gold, where would you bury it?

7 – How can sailors protect themselves from pirates?

8 – Do you know any good books or movies about pirates? What are they?

9 – Would you like to be a pirate? What would be your pirate name?

10 – What things do you think pirates are afraid of?

11 – If you were a pirate, where would you sail to?

12 – What kind of flag would you have on your pirate ship?

13 – What do you think is the best pirate pet, a monkey, a parrot, or a dog?

14 – How would you define the word pirate? What things do pirates do?

15 – Why does a pirate need a crew on their ship?

16 – Do you know of any famous pirates? Where did they sail?

17 – Do you think pirates helped with the exploration of the world?

18 – What pirate words and phrases do you know?

19 – Why would a pirate make somebody “walk the plank”?

20 – What things do you think pirates of the past needed on their ships?

21 – Why do you think people became pirates in the past? How about now?

22 – What do you think pirates did for fun 300 years ago?

23 – How did pirates navigate the seas in times before modern technology?

24 – What do you think happened to pirates that were captured in the past?

25 – Which parts of the world had the most pirates?

a pirate ship at sea in a storm
Pirate slang

There are a huge amount of pirate phrases and slang. Here are a few interesting terms you can share with your students –

A cackle fruit is simply a chicken egg. This name comes from the sound hens make when laying eggs.

Davey Jones’ locker is an imaginary graveyard at the bottom of the sea where sailors go when they die.

An old salt or a seadog is an experienced sailor.

A landlubber is a person who is not good at or doesn’t like sailing on the ocean, They prefer to be on solid land.

If something is done handsomely it is done carefully, quickly, or well. You might get paid handsomely (a lot of money).

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