25 advertising conversation questions

25 advertising conversation questions

Advertising conversation questions

In the modern-day world, we are bombarded with advertising every day. Advertising seems to be posted and plastered just about everywhere. These advertising conversation questions make for an interesting discussion topic in which you can find out your class’s thoughts on the subject.

This speaking exercise is quite advanced and it is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced-level ESL learners, and business English students.

The advertising conversation questions are –


Are there any billboards near your home? What products are being advertised?

Has advertising ever compelled you to purchase something? What was it?

Do you think that there is too much advertising in the modern world? What kinds?

If you opened a new restaurant, how would you go about advertising it?

Have you ever seen some funny advertising that made you laugh? What was it?

Where in your hometown can you see the most advertising? What is it for?

Can you put a sign up anywhere you like in your country or are there rules for this?

How many different ways to advertise can you think of in 30 seconds?

Where would be the best place to advertise if you wanted to sell your computer?

What kind of advertising do you find the most irritating? Where can you see it?

Are there any kinds of advertising that you think should be illegal? Why?

Do you think that some advertisements exaggerate or lie? Give an example.

Have you ever seen advertising from another country that you thought was strange?

What are some brands or companies that have advertising that you like?

How much do you think it costs to put an advertisement in a newspaper or on TV?

When people hand out flyers and brochures, do you accept them or refuse them?

Do you think that having famous people in advertisements helps sell a product?

What kinds of spam emails do you get? Do you get advertisements in regular mail?

Can you remember the last advertisement you saw? What was it about?

What are some company logos that you like? Do you know the company’s slogans?

Do you think that advertising stays in your mind and influences your shopping?

Is there a lot of television advertising in your country? How do you feel about it?

How do you think the world would be different if there was no advertising?

Which companies are advertising heavily in your country right now?

a coming soon advertisement

Follow-up advertising activities

Here are a couple of ideas you may like to try with your students once they have completed discussing the advertising conversation questions. These ideas work well as pair work or small group exercises.

1 – Ask them to create their own advertisements. This can be a written assignment and later on presented to the rest of the class as a further speaking activity if you like.

Firstly, ask your students to create a product or service. It can be something silly. In fact,  the more wacky and bizarre it is the more fun this activity will be. Ask them to draw a picture, perhaps a logo, and give it a slogan. Once this is done they can create a fun product description and try to create an advertisement to sell this product.

Note that if your students struggle with creativity just supply them with a few suggestions.

2 – Have an advertising research activity. Ask your class to find the strangest products and inventions they can online. They should describe the product, its uses, and what kind of people would want to buy such products.

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