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20 Free printable plant coloring pages

Plant coloring pages

Here we have a beautiful selection of plant coloring pages for kids, teenagers, and adults. These coloring sheets feature potted house plants, plants with flowers, plants in gardens, and more.

The coloring pages range in difficulty from easy for young learners to more detailed and complex for teens, adults, and those more adept at coloring. You will find the most simple printable coloring pages at the top of this page. As you scroll down the sheets become harder with the most difficult being at the bottom of the page.

Medium level plant coloring pages

The plant coloring sheets below are somewhat more difficult than the first set above. These pictures have plants with more extensive foliage and decorated pots.

You can use a lot of different colors to complete these drawings and turn them into very vibrant pictures. Don’t choose one simple color such as green to complete their leaves and fronds. Instead use several different shades to create contrast and make your coloring really stand out!

Hard plant coloring pages

Below are the most challenging plant coloring activities. These are best suited to teenagers and adults due to their intricate designs.

There a pictures of people tending plants in gardens, succulents, hydrangea flowers, cute plant coloring pages and even a cactus. Note that there is an entire section here at ESL Vault devoted to cactus coloring pages in particular.

Related activities

Hopefully, you found what you were looking for in the free printable plant coloring pages! If you are looking for bigger plants to color in, check out the free palm tree coloring pages. These PDF sheets have tropical palm trees on idyllic beaches and island scenes.

Those looking to teach or learn more about plant life will also benefit from the flowers flashcards which can be used in fun educational games.

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