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250+ Fun conversation topics

Conversation topics

If you are looking for something to talk about or a specific discussion subject, then you are in the right place! Here are hundreds of conversation topics with thousands of questions on all manner of things. You are pretty much guaranteed to find a theme of discourse that you like.

Originally these conversation topics and their questions were designed for English learning activities but they have since evolved to become a comprehensive list that can be used by all English speakers. They can be used amongst friends, family, work colleagues, dating partners, and anybody who just wants something to chinwag about.

By clicking on one of the desired topics below you will be brought to a related page that has questions on the subject. Each page also has a free printable PDF of conversation questions along with some ideas to supplement the discussion with things like idioms.

This list and its contents have taken several years to assemble and is ever expanding. It is hoped that you will find the themed questions both useful and engaging in your quest for meaningful communication!

The discussion topics have been arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy and straightforward to find what you are looking for. The list of topics has also been broken down into 3 separate sections to make it even easier to navigate.

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Conversation Topics F - N

Conversation Topics O - Z

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Notes on using the conversation topics

The sheer volume of discussion topics and related questions here means that you can find something that the person or people that you are talking to feel interested in and passionate about. This in itself gives you a head start in having a rich and enjoyable conversation.

Try to approach your chosen subject with some freedom. Not all the questions provided need to be asked, or debated. You should also try to add some more questions of your own and even put a twist on those provided to make them more appropriate for your audience.

The questions are not intended to be met with Yes/No responses or short simple answers. Try to ask follow-up questions and inquire more about the replies you are given to stimulate more discourse. The more language you exchange while you are speaking, the more successful and beneficial your conversation will be.

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