large printable tetris pieces

Free printable Tetris puzzles and shapes (15 PDFs)

Printable Tetris

Here are some fun free printable Tetris shapes and puzzles to keep young minds thinking. You can use them in many different ways and incorporate them into your lessons as engaging activities.

Most of the activities are colored but if you don’t have a color printer or dislike greyscale, there are also some blank pages that learners can color in themselves.

If you are not familiar with Tetris, it is a computer game that was created in the 1980s. In the original game, players have to rotate the pieces as they come down the screen to make complete lines with their shapes. These printables are based on these shapes and the game but are somewhat different.

Printable Tetris shapes

First of all, we have some printable Tetris shapes (above and below) that can be used for paper crafts or even to replicate the original game. It should be noted that these shapes aren’t exactly the same as you will find in the computer game but are very similar. 

There are some large shapes and some smaller ones to download. The black and white Tetris pieces can also be used to teach colors and shapes, and even numbers. You can ask learners to count the squares. Another added bonus for young children is they get some good scissor practice when they cut these pieces out.

One of the best activities that young learners can do with these shapes is to use them like building blocks. You can ask children to create objects related to the subject they are learning. They can of course use the shapes to make anything that they want to.

For more permanent creations, students can glue their pictures to a separate sheet of paper or card. Afterward, they can also write some words, facts, or a story about the pictures as well.

Printable Tetris puzzles

Next, we have paper Tetris puzzles with shapes included. In these puzzles, the Tetris pieces are to be cut out and placed inside outlines to complete pictures.

At first glance, these printable Tetris games look pretty easy because they only have 12 pieces. This is not the case, they are actually quite difficult as there are so many combinations and ways that you can try to place the pieces.

For most children, they are just too challenging but there are still some ways that they can be used as fun educational resources for younger learners. Here are some ways to make the puzzles far easier – 

1 – Give learners the solutions to the puzzles. For the youngest of kids, this is perfectly fine. Once they have cut out all the paper Tetris puzzle shapes, they simply need to copy the answer key on where to place the pieces.

They can still learn things like colors, counting the squares on the shapes, and the animals they are making. There is also the fact they are getting some good scissor practice and practicing fine motor skills along the way.

2 – Show students the solutions for a short period of time. This works well for slightly older children, Just show the solution for 5 or 10 seconds so that they can see and try to remember where some pieces should be put.

You can do this as often as needed depending on how much difficulty they are having trying to complete the puzzles.

3 – Give clues about the printable Tetris puzzles. You can help students out by explaining where some of the shapes should be. For example, if they were doing the crocodile puzzle below you could say –  

  • It has a green tail.
  • It has orange legs.
  • it has a pink and yellow mouth.

4 – Finally, you can just go by and correct each student one by one. Let them know which shapes are in the correct places and which are not.

The next sets of Tetris printables also have the option of downloading blank shapes without color. This is useful if you also want to make the puzzles into coloring activities.

It can be a fun way to teach colors to younger students and ESL learners. Note that it is easier for students to read the solution if the puzzle pieces are colored the same way. You can of course let them color them in any fashion they like and then give them the solution to see if they can work it all out.

The first puzzle below is of a butterfly. If you like this activity and want something related, have a look at the free butterfly cut and paste worksheets.

The final printable Tetris puzzle worksheets create an elephant. If you want to make a more realistic picture, have a look at the free build an elephant printables.

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