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32 free QU words with pictures

QU words with pictures

Here are some lovely free printable PDF QU words with pictures flashcards. These pages use the QU sound which is known as a digraph. A digraph is a combination of 2 letters that make a particular sound.

This combination of letters most commonly makes a /kw/ sound but at times it can be a /k/ or even a /kei/. The last 2 sounds usually come from foreign words that have been adapted into the English language.

The free QU word flashcards provided on this page are not only useful for speech therapy and practicing pronunciation. They are also very useful in helping learners acquire new vocabulary through various activities. Some ideas you may not have thought of have been listed.below

There are 4 QU words with pictures pages with 8 flashcards on each of them. These are –

PDF 1 – quack, queen, quill, square, quarter, squeeze, quick, and squirt.

PDF 2 – quiet, quail, question, queue, quilt, quince, liquid, and squirrel.

PDF 3 – earthquake, equal, squash, quokka, turquoise, squat, quartz, and bouquet.

PDF 4 – quarry, squid, squint, mosquito, quarterback, quench, quay, and quiver.

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Ideas for using the QU words flashcards

You can use these printable PDF cards to play all your flashcard games and activities. Here are a few more ideas that you may like to try.

  • Cut the words off the bottom of the cards and use the 2 pieces of each one for vocabulary matching and memory games.
  • Give a student 2 or more of the cards and see if they can create a sentence with them. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the sentence is, only that it is grammatically correct.
  • You can use the cards to play a game like Pictionary. A student takes a card at random then comes to the front of the class and tries to draw it on the board. The rest of the class must try to guess the word. This can also be made into a game with teams.
  • For advanced classes, you can use the cards to play a game of “Who am I?”.
  • Use the cards to have a spelling bee competition.
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qu digraph words with pictures pdf 4

QU digraph word list

Here a QU sound word list in case you are looking for more words to create further activities. This list is by no means comprehensive and contains mostly short words, although some of them will be challenging and new to most ESL learners.

earthquake equip equipment liquid
mosquito plaque quack quad
quaff quail quake qualify
quality qualm quantify quarantine
quarry quarter quarterback quarts
quartz quash quay queasy
queen queer quell quench
query quest question queue
quick quid quiet quill
quid quince quip quit
quiver quiz quokka quota
quote sequel sequence squad
square squeeze squid squint
squirrel squirt squish turquoise

Practice sentences with QU words

Here are some fun silly sentences you can use to practice the pronunciation of the QU sound.

The quarry equipment found quartz.

The queen quickly quarantined the sickly squirrel.

A squad of squid squirted ink in the turquoise quay.

There was a queue for questions about the quest.

A quokka ate a quality square quince.

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