winter conversation questions for ESL

25 winter conversation questions

Winter conversation questions

25 Discussion questions about Winter for ESL learners. It is always winter somewhere in the world and it is something all classes can talk about.

You may want to teach some of the difficult terms beforehand, such as – drop (temperature), thermal, hibernate, migrate, forecast, blizzard, and come into season. There is also a vocabulary bank at the bottom of the handout with some extra words that may be useful.

Once starting this activity, try to get the students to talk about the pictures, the questions are up to you! Questions about prepositions of place are a good start. For example, “What is in front of the men?” or ” What can you see in the top right of the picture?”.

You might also want to use one of the weather vocabulary matching worksheets as a warm-up to this activity.


The winter conversation questions are –


Are you a winter person or a summer person?

What is the coldest month in your country? What temperature does it drop to?

Does your country get snow? Have you ever been skiing?

What do you think about snow?

What is the coldest temperature you have ever experienced?

What do you wear in winter? Do you own any thermal clothing?

What do you like to do on really cold days?

What is the best cold-weather food? What is your favorite winter drink?

What winter sports do you know? Have you done any?

What animals live in very cold places?

What animals hibernate during the winter?

Where is the best place to be in your country during winter?

What is the best winter holiday in your country?

Is your house cold in winter? Do you ever sleep with a hot water bottle?

What do you do to keep your house warm in winter?

How do you get your local weather forecast?

What would you do if you were caught in a blizzard while you were hiking?

Would you like to travel to Antarctica? Why, or why not?

What words do you know to describe very cold weather?

Does your home have a fireplace? Where do you get wood from?

How can snow and ice be dangerous?

Have you ever been so cold your hands or nose were numb?

What fruit and vegetables come into season during winter?

Which animals migrate during winter? Do you know any people who do this?

wolves in a winer landscape

Further activities

Once you have finished talking about the winter conversation questions, try introducing some of the colder than expressions to keep the discussion going.

The free weather flashcards are also useful for those learning weather-related vocabulary. They can be used to play games while learning words on the topic.