25 conversation questions about moving

25 Easy conversation questions about moving

Conversation questions about moving

Moving home can be a burden or an exciting time. Just about everyone has done this at least once in their lifetime. It is another speaking topic that most people can easily talk about. For an interesting chat, try these discussion questions about moving with your students and friends!


For English language learners, the most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – weigh, hire, removalist, possessions, willing, rental deposit, broken, clutter, and vehicle.


The conversation questions about moving are – 


1 – Where was your childhood home? Why did you move away from there?

2 – When was the last time that you moved home? How long did it take to move?

3 – How many times have you moved into a new house or apartment?

4 – What is the most difficult thing to move in your home? How much does it weigh?

5 – If you had to move next week, how would you go about finding a new place to live?

6 – Have you ever hired a removalist? What was the experience like?

7 – Do you own a lot of possessions? Would all of your things fit into a small car?

8 – How long would it take you to pack up all your things if you suddenly had to move?

9 – Would you be willing to move to a new country if you were offered a good job there?

10 – Have you ever lost a rental deposit? Why didn’t the landlord give it back to you?

11 – What are some reasons why people move home? Why have you moved in the past?

12 – Do you enjoy moving to a new home or do you dislike it? Why?

13 – Have you ever helped someone else move home? How far did they move?

14 – What kinds of things do you think about when you are looking for a new home?

15 – Where’s a place in your country that you would never move to? What is wrong with it?

16 – Do you want to move from where you live now? Why do you want to stay or go?

17 – Have you ever broken something while moving it? What was it and how did it break?

18 – If you had to move tomorrow and could only take 5 things, what would you take?

19 – Do you have a lot of clutter in your home that you would throw away if you moved?

20 – About how much would it cost to move all your things to a town 100 km away?

21 – Have you ever found something you had lost while moving out of a house?

22 – What kinds of items are most likely to break when people move home?

23 – Do you own a lot of furniture? What kind of vehicle would you need to move it all?

24 – When do you expect to move next in the future? Where do you think you will go?

25 – What are some of the difficulties of moving into a new house or apartment?

a couple looking into a box for moving

Phrasal verbs related to moving

Here are some handy phrasal verbs that you can use when discussing the conversation questions about moving.

Pack up

To pack up your things before moving is to put them in boxes and suitcases.

Settle in

If you have settled in your new home you feel comfortable there and have unpacked your possessions.

Clear out

To clear out your home is to get rid of unwanted things that you do not need.

Go through

If you go through your things you look at them carefully. This may be to find something or just make sure everything is there.

Put aside

We put aside things for later use. You might put aside something fragile that could be easily broken before you move it.

Sort out

When we sort out our things we organize them to make a place tidy or to get them ready for moving.

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