25 flowers conversation questions

25 flowers conversation questions

Flowers conversation questions

Flowers are beautiful plants that people love to plant, grow and give as gifts in all sorts of situations. You can use these flowers conversation questions to have interesting discussions with all manner of people and English learners.

For the perfect warm-up activity, you may want to consider using the free printable flowers flashcards. There are quite a few ways they can be used to help teach and identify many different flower species.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – national flower, florist, bunch, bouquet, occasion, vase, relationship, culture, fragrance, and region.

The flowers conversation questions are –

What is your favorite kind of flower? What color is it?

What is the national flower of your country? Do you know any other country’s?

What flowers are common in the area where you live? Do you ever pick them?

Have you ever tried to grow any flowers? What kinds? How did you grow them?

Are there any florists in your town? Would you like to become a florist?

How much does a bunch of roses cost in your country? Do you think they are cheap?

On what occasions do you give other people flowers? What flowers do you often give?

When was the last time you received flowers? Who gave them to you and why?

Which country in the world do you think has the most flowers? What flowers are there?

Do you ever keep flowers in a vase at home? How long do they usually live?

Are there any types of flowers that you do not like? Why don’t you like them?

Do you know of any flowers that can be used as medicine? What do they help with?

Have you ever drank any flower teas? What kinds and how did they taste?

How many different kinds of flowers can you name in 30 seconds?

What is the relationship between bees and flowers? Have you seen many bees recently?

Is it common for men to receive flowers in your culture? Why or why not?

Can you think of any situation where it would be inappropriate to give someone flowers?

Which kind of flowers do you think have the best fragrance?

What kind of flowers would you give to a person that you did not like?

Do any of your neighbors grow flowers? What types and where do they grow them?

How and why do you think that flowers affect people’s moods?

What is the most that you have ever spent on a bunch or bouquet of flowers?

Are there any special flower growing regions in your home country?

If you were going to get a tattoo of a flower, what kind of flower would you choose?

a field of white tulips and sunset

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pink waterlily flower in a pond.
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