25 vegetables conversation questions

25 tasty vegetables conversation questions

Vegetables conversation questions

This is a discussion topic for everyone. We all need to eat vegetables and have our own preferences on which ones and how they are cooked. These vegetables conversation questions go further in-depth and make for an interesting speaking activity.

The most difficult words and expressions in this exercise and worksheet are – crops, in order to (do something), genetically modified, rotten, strange, certain, in season, canned, farmers’ market, vegetarian, and vegan.


The vegetables conversation questions are –


1 – Which vegetable most resembles you and why? How about your best friend?

2 – Which vegetable do you eat the most? How often do you eat it?

3 – Are there any vegetables that you really dislike? What do they taste like?

4 – Where do you usually buy your vegetables? Have prices gone up in recent times?

5 – What kinds of vegetables are grown in your local area? Are any imported?

6 – Do you ever drink vegetable juices or smoothies? Do you ever make them at home?

7 – Are there any pests or animals that eat farmer’s crops in your hometown?

8 – Have you ever tried farming your own vegetables? Were you successful?

9 – What things do you need to grow your own vegetables?

10 – Which vegetables do you think are the easiest and most difficult to grow?

11 – Can you think of any fruits that are commonly called vegetables but are not?

12 – What do you think is the best way to cook a potato? How about spinach?

13 – How do you feel about genetically modified vegetables? Would you eat them?

14 – How long can you keep vegetables in a refrigerator before they go rotten?

15 – Which vegetable do you think has the strangest appearance? What does it look like?

16 – Can you name 5 different animals that eat a lot of vegetables? What do they eat?

17 – Why are some places better for growing certain vegetables than others?

18 – Which vegetables are in season in your area right now? How much do they cost?

19 – Do you ever buy any canned vegetables? Why don’t you buy them fresh?

20 – Have you ever been to a farmers’ market? How are they different from supermarkets?

21 – Are there any vegetables that you like to eat raw? What do you eat them with?

22 – Do you ever worry about which fertilizers are used to grow your vegetables?

23 – What vegetables did you eat yesterday? What do you plan on eating tonight?

24 – Do you think that you could become a vegetarian or vegan? Why or why not?

25 – How do you prefer vegetables to be cooked, steamed, boiled, roasted, or fried?

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For ESL students, a great warm-up activity for this speaking exercise is to use one of the vegetable vocabulary worksheets. There are also vegetables flashcards that you can use to help introduce new vocabulary and enforce it with fun games and learning activities.

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