free printable bookmarks to color food

52 free printable bookmarks to color

Free printable bookmarks to color

Updated 21/12/21 with 16 new bookmarks with animals, food, holidays and patterns.

On 13 sheets, here are 52 cute bookmarks to print and color in. The free printable bookmarks to color PDFs are in themes of – food, feathers, flowers, animals, butterflies and insects, dinosaurs,  decorative, mermaids, and space. There is bound to be a bookmark style here to satisfy everyone!

The line drawings are easy to color in and are fun for both kids and adults. Not only do these craft activities help you remember where you left off reading – making the bookmarks encourages reading and will motivate your students to pick up books.

The easy printable bookmarks to color are fantastic craft fun that gives those who make them a beautiful bookmark with their own personal touch.

printable bookmarks to color feathers
How to make the free printable bookmarks to color

This activity is as easy as it gets!

Step one is to print the PDFs you like. You don’t even need to download the free bookmarks to color, you can do it from your browser! You can print out your bookmarks on card or paper. If you only have paper there is always the option of sticking it to some cardboard afterwards.

Step 2 is to color them in. How that is done is completely up to you. Crayons, colored pencils and felt pens work the best. If you are teaching an English class, this is a good time to practice listening skills. Dictate to your class how each picture should be colored in. For example, if your class had the food bookmarks, you could say – The pineapple is yellow, the ice cream is blue, and so on.

Step 3 is to cut the printable bookmarks out, this is easily done with scissors and there is a box around the bookmarks to follow.

Step 4 …. There may not be a step four if you have printed or stuck to card,  you are pretty much done! Although if you want your bookmarks to last a bit longer, you can either laminate them or use sticky tape. By using a wide roll of clear sticky tape, you can cover the bookmarks and make them much stronger as well as water-resistant.

One cool thing to do is to stick two different bookmarks back to back. It makes them not only stronger but way nicer to look at and use!

You can even go one step further by punching a hole in the top of your easy bookmarks to color and attaching some string or ribbon.

printable bookmarks of flowers to color
Why use the printable bookmarks

Bookmarks not only keep track of where readers are in a book, but they also help protect them. Younger readers (and older!) can be a little rough with books at times and bookmarks promote the idea of book care -no dog ears!. They encourage reading amongst students who upon seeing the bookmarks are more inclined to pick up a book and continue on their reading journeys.

They are also useful for school textbooks and keeping track of units being currently studied or useful pages of information for assignments.


free printable bookmarks to color animals
free printable bookmarks to color butterflies
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