25 wealth conversation questions

25 wealth conversation questions

Wealth conversation questions

A free discussion worksheet on the ever-popular topic of wealth. This is a great worksheet for older students and is guaranteed to get your class talking! Difficult terms to pre-teach before starting this speaking activity include – related, extremely, satisfy, hold back, industry, involved, superyacht, charity, and formula.

The wealth conversation questions are –

How would your life be different if you and your family were very wealthy?

What does the word wealth mean to you? Is it only related to money?

Do you have a plan to get rich in the future? How will you do it?

If you could buy one thing for any amount of money, what would it be?

Who are the wealthiest people in your country? How did they get their money?

How can you usually tell if someone is wealthy?

If you met of the world’s richest people what questions would you ask them?

Do you think that the world’s wealthiest people pay a lot of taxes?

What cities in the world do many wealthy people go to live in?

Would you prefer a long life being poor or a short life with lots of money?

What kinds of things do extremely wealthy people often own?

Do you think that wealthy people are better looking than poor people? Why?

How much money would be enough to satisfy you and your family?

Do you ever buy lottery tickets in hope of becoming wealthy? How often?

What things do you believe are holding you back from being wealthy?

Where do rich people in your country go on holiday?

What kind of industries are most wealthy people in your country involved in?

How do you think being wealthy would affect your love life?

Do wealthy people behave differently from poor people? In what ways?

Would you prefer to own a private jet or a superyacht? Why?

If you were wealthy enough to set up a charity, what would it be for?

What would you do with all your free time if you never had to work again?

Do you think there are any secrets or formulas to becoming rich? What are they?

Where do you think rich people keep their wealth?

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a wealthy person's mansion
Idioms related to wealth

If you have a wealth of something, you have a very large amount of it. It doesn’t have to be money. You could have a wealth of friends for example.

A person who is born with a silver spoon is born into a wealthy family and has an easy life.

If you feel like a million dollars, you feel very happy and healthy.

A person may hit the jackpot if they get a lot of money very suddenly.

If you make a lot of money, you can be said to be making a killing or raking in money.

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