25 medicine conversation questions

25 medicine conversation questions

Medicine conversation questions

Medicine is an important part of modern life and we all need to take some at some point. These medicine conversation questions make for an interesting speaking activity where you can find out people’s thoughts on the subject.

This is quite an advanced topic and is recommended for upper-intermediate level ESL speakers and above. For a good related topic also check out the healthy living conversation questions.

The most difficult terms in this discussion exercise include – cabinet, insomnia, recommend, medicinal properties, treatments, enhance, bark, roots, remedy, injection, adverse, reaction, alternative medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture, prescription, and pharmacy.

The medicine conversation questions are –


When was the last time you took medicine? What was it for? Did it heal you?

What would you say is the most commonly taken medicine in your country?

Do you think that medicine is expensive where you live? Why do you think so?

Does your home have a medicine cabinet? Where is it and what is in it?

What medicine would you recommend for a headache? What about for insomnia?

Which commonly eaten plants do you think have the best medicinal properties?

Have you heard of any strange medicines or medical treatments? What are they?

How often do you take medicine? Do you take anything to enhance your health?

Do you know of any seeds barks or roots that are used as medicine? What for?

What do you think the best thing to drink is if you have a stomachache?

Do you know of any home remedies? What are they for? Does your family use them?

What kinds of injections have you had in your lifetime? Are you afraid of needles?

Have you ever tried a herbal bath? What was in it? What was it meant to cure?

Are there any kinds of medicine or medical treatments that you don’t believe in?

If somebody told you that if you ate a spider you would get better would you do it?

Do you prefer to take medicine or do you try to let your body heal itself naturally?

Have you ever had any bad or adverse reactions to a medicine? What happened?

What do you think of alternative medicine such as aromatherapy and acupuncture?

In what ways do you think medicine will change in the future? Will this be good?

Does your government help to make medicine cheaper for poor people?

How do you feel about medicine being tested on animals? Is it necessary?

Do you ever take medicine with you when you travel? What kinds of medicine?

What kinds of medicine do you need a prescription for in your country?

Do you ever buy medicine on the internet? How close is your nearest pharmacy?

a medicine bottle with capsules

Medicine idioms

Try introducing these fun medicine idioms once you have completed the medicine conversation questions. See if your students can use them in grammatically correct sentences with the proper meaning to demonstrate they understand them.

To give someone a taste of their own medicine is to do something nasty or unpleasant that they have done to you or others as a form of revenge.

A tough or bitter pill to swallow is something a difficult, enjoyable thing or situation that a person has no option but to do or accept.

In Australia and parts of the United Kingdom, a doctor can be called a pill peddler.

If you sweeten the pill, you make a challenging or unpleasant circumstance nicer or easier to deal with.

A person who is on the mend is getting better from an illness or injury.

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