25 seafood conversation questions

25 seafood conversation questions

Seafood conversation questions

25 seafood discussion questions for English-speaking practice. There are quite a few challenging words on this worksheet. Before starting this speaking activity make sure you go over these terms – caught, allergic, allowed, raw, flavor/flavour, lobster, prepare, export, live (adj), commercial, shuck, peel, and sauce.


The seafood conversation questions are –


1 – What is your favorite kind of seafood? How do you like it cooked?

2 – Is there any seafood that you don’t like to eat? Why is that?

3 – Do you ever think about where the seafood that you eat was caught?

4 – How many times a month do you eat seafood? What do you usually eat?

5 – What seafood is most expensive in your country?

6 – Do you know anyone who is allergic to seafood? What happens when they eat it?

7 – What is a sea animal that you think people should not be allowed to eat?

8 – Where do you usually go to buy seafood? What do they sell there?

9 – How many different kinds of seafood can you name in 30 seconds?

10 – What kind of seafood do you like to eat raw? What do you eat it with?

11 – Have you ever gotten sick from seafood? What did you eat?

12 – Do you like to eat fish and chips? What do you put on them for flavor?

13 – Is there any seafood that you worry about eating for health reasons?

14 – Have you ever eaten lobster? How much does one cost where you live?

15 – Do you know how to prepare a live fish for eating? What do you need to do?

16 – Does your country export any seafood? Where does it send it to?

17 – In what ways can seafood be good for your health? Which is the healthiest?

18 – Does commercial fishing cause any problems in your country? What are they?

19 – Do you think you could eat only seafood for the rest of your life?

20 – Have you ever tried to shuck a fresh oyster? Was it difficult or easy?

21 – What is your favorite way to cook fresh fish?

22 – Do you like to eat shrimp or prawns? Do you peel them or eat the shell?

23 – Have you ever tried fish sauce? What did you think of it?

24 – When was the last time you ate seafood? What did you eat?

25 – What is the most popular seafood where you live? Why do people eat so much of it?


If you enjoyed these questions and are looking for something similar, have a look at the ocean conversation questions here at ESL Vault.

mixed frsh seafood on a table
Seafood idioms

Here are some interesting seafood idioms to share once your students have completed the seafood conversation questions activity.

When a person says “The world is your oyster“, they are saying you can do anything you want in your life.

To die for want of a lobster sauce means to get extremely upset over something quite small or meaningless.

A shrimp is a negative term used to describe a small and weak person.

If you cry stinking fish, you are undermining yourself and not helping yourself be successful.


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