water sports conversation questions for ESL

25 water sports conversation questions

Water sports conversation questions

Another sports discussion worksheet for ESL learners with a picture description activity. Difficult terms you may want to revise before using this handout include –  face to face, afraid, deep, equipment, popular, cliff, protective, cage, rafting, and, scuba diving.

The questions are –

Have you ever been rafting?

What water animals have you met face to face?

How many different kinds of water sports can you think of?

Which water sports are popular in your home country?

What is a water sport you are afraid to try?

Which water sports are played in teams?

Do you own any equipment for water sports? What do you have?

How deep do you think you can swim?

What things do you need to be safe when doing water sports?

What do you think of cliff diving?

What is the highest you have ever jumped from into the water?

Would you like to try ice swimming? Why or Why not?

Would you swim with sharks if you were in a protective cage?

Have you ever swum in big waves? How did you feel?

Are there any coral reefs for diving in your country?

Do you like to watch any water sports on TV? Which ones?

Have you ever been boating or kayaking? Where did you go?

How far from your home is the closest swimming pool?

Which do you think is most dangerous – surfing, scuba diving, or river rafting?

If you could go to another country to do water sports, where would you go?

Have you ever felt scared doing a water sport?

Do you think fishing is a sport?

What things would you like to see underwater?

Do children learn any water sports at school in your country?

For what water sports should you wear a helmet? Why?

List of water sports

Here is a list of sports that may come in handy when you are using the water sports conversation questions worksheet. See if your students can describe what actions people do when doing these sports and also what equipment is needed and where it is done. You can also check if they know to use the correct verb – play, go, or do.

Boating, Body Boarding, Cable skiing, Canoeing, Canyoning, Cliff diving, Diving, Dragon boat racing, Fishing, Flyboarding, Free diving, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Kite surfing, Paddleboarding, Rafting, Rowing, Sailing, SCUBA Diving, Snorkelling, Spearfishing, Surfing, Synchronised swimming, Underwater football, Underwater hockey, Wakeboarding, Water polo, Water skiing, Windsurfing and, Yachting.

Other Water sports activities

Check out the water sports vocabulary worksheets. It is best to do them before the discussion questions so your students are armed with some new words to use when speaking!

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