transport crossword printable

Transport crossword printable

Transport crossword printable

A crossword puzzle about transport and vehicles with picture clues. The first letter of each word has already been given.

Once the puzzle is completed students have 4 questions to answer that are mostly about superlatives.

The answers for the crossword are –

1 – Motorbike, 2 – Train, 3 – Truck, 4- Bicycle, 5 – Car, 6 – Airplane, 7 – Ambulance, 8 – Helicopter, 9 – Ship, 10 – Boat, 11 – Taxi, 12 – Bulldozer, 13 – Crane, 14 – Tractor, 15 – Scooter.

A related activity you might want to use with this handout is the transport conversation questions worksheet. It is also a good topic to practice comparatives and superlatives. To do this you can ask follow-up questions such as – Which vehicle is the most expensive? What is slower than a car? Just make sure to get students to answer in full sentences so they practice the correct grammar structures.

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