photography conversation questions for ESL

25 photography conversation questions

Photography conversation questions

Everyone takes photos and has pictures of themselves taken. Here is a free ESL discussion handout of photography discussion questions for intermediate classes and above. A good warm-up for this exercise is to use one of the photography vocabulary worksheets.

Some of the difficult words to go over with your students before starting this speaking activity include – brand, model, professional, photogenic, and pose.


The photography conversation questions are –


1 – What do you usually take photos of?

2 – What do you think of selfies and selfie sticks?

3 – What is the best photograph you have ever taken? When did you take it?

4 – Do you own a camera? What kind? Do you know its brand and model?

5 – Do you know anyone who takes very bad photos? Why are the photos bad?

6 – Which kind of photography interests you most?

7 – Have you ever used an action camera like a GoPro? What did you film?

8 – If you were to take a photo of a stranger on the street, would you ask them first?

9 – What is the most scenic place in your country for photography?

10 – What things are important to think about when taking a photograph?

11 – How often do you post photographs that you take on social media?

12 – Where do you keep all the photographs that you take?

13 – What are your passport and Identification photos like? Are you happy with them?

14 – What photography equipment would you like to buy?

15 – What animals have you taken pictures of?

16 – Do you think you look better in photographs or in real life?

17 – If you could go anywhere in the world to take photos, where would you go?

18 – Do you think it takes a lot of skill to be a professional photographer?

19 – If you could do portrait photography of anyone, who would it be?

20 – Do your parents have any pics of you when you were younger that you don’t like?

21 – Who is the most photogenic person in your family?

22 – How do people usually pose for a photo in your country?

23 – What is your favorite photograph that was taken by someone else?

24 – Do you know how to edit photos on a computer? How do you do it?

25 – What country do you think makes the best cameras? Why do you think so?

a girl with a camera
Photography Idioms

If you photobomb someone you appear in a photo unexpectedly, usually trying to be funny.

If a person doesn’t like having their picture taken they can be referred to as camera shy.

When a person tells you to look at the big picture they are saying you should look at a something with a longterm view or on a wider scale.


photographer on a mountain at sunset
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