25 nutrition conversation questions

25 Healthy nutrition conversation questions

Nutrition conversation questions

Nutrition is what we eat and put into our bodies. It is important to keep us in good health both mentally and physically. These interesting questions about nutrition make for a great discussion on the topic.

This is a fairly advanced subject for ESL learners to talk about, the most difficult terms used in the questions include – vitamins, packaging, traditional, brain function, consider, protein, keto, paleo, vegan, majority, frozen, canned, source, monitor, and age (verb).

The nutrition conversation questions are –


1 – What are the first 5 things that you think of when you hear the word nutrition?

2 – How would you describe your diet? Do you think your body gets enough nutrition?

3 – What is your favorite nutritious drink? Do you make it yourself or usually buy it?

4 – Which countries do you think have nutritious traditional meals? What do they eat?

5 – When was the last time you took vitamins? What did you take the vitamins for?

6 – Do you read the nutrition information on food packaging? What do you look for?

7 – What is the least nutritious thing that you enjoy eating? How often do you eat it?

8 – Have you ever used a meal planner to help with your nutrition? What was on the plan?

9 – What would be some good nutritious foods to eat and improve your brain function?

10 – Which part of your body do you think about most when you consider nutrition?

11 – Do you ever consider where your food comes from? What things do you try to avoid?

12 – What would you eat if you came down with a bad cold or flu? Why would this help?

13 – Is seafood a big part of your diet? What kinds of nutrition can it give you?

14 – What kind of meat do you eat most often? What other ways do you get protein?

15 – Does your family eat well? Who usually cooks the food and where does it come from?

16 – Have you ever gone on a special kind of diet such as keto, paleo, or vegan diet?

17 – Which meal of the day could you most easily change to give yourself more nutrition?

18 – How has the average person’s nutrition changed over the last 50 to 100 years?

19 – Do you eat mostly fresh food or is the majority of your food frozen and canned?

20 – Has a doctor or anyone else ever advised you to eat more of something? What was it?

21 – Do you think that our sources of nutrition will change much in the future? How?

22 – If you had to plan a very nutritious day of meals for a child, what would you choose?

23 – Which do you worry about eating most, sugar, salt, or fat? How do you monitor this?

24 – What things do you think are important to put in your body if you want to age well?

25 – Who is the healthiest person that you know? What kinds of foods do they eat?

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