25 summer conversation questions for ESL

25 summer conversation questions

25 summer conversation questions.

A discussion worksheet for ESL and IELTS classes. Use these summer conversation questions for discussion lessons. Difficult words on this handout include – heatwave, public holiday, flavour and popular.

The summer conversation questions are –

How do you keep cool on hot summer days?

Do you go camping in summer?

What are popular summer foods in your country?

How hot does it get where you live during summer?

Do you have summer holidays? How long are they?

Where did you go last summer?

Do you ever cook outside in summer? What do you cook?

What do you usually wear on very hot days?

In your hometown where do most people go in summer?

What is your favorite flavour of ice cream?

Do you like to go out in the sun or do you prefer the shade?

What things do you do in summer that you don’t do in other seasons?

What temperature do you think is too hot?

Does your home have air-conditioning?

What sports are played in summer?

Are there any things you dislike about summer?

What is the best fruit to eat on a hot day?

Have you ever experienced a heatwave?

Where would you like to go next summer?

Do you prefer beaches or swimming pools? Why?

Do you usually cut your hair in the summer?

What public holidays are in summer?

Describe the difference between summer and winter in your country.

Do you get storms and a lot of rain in summer?

a summer beach scene

Further summer activities

To continue the conversation about summer, try introducing some of the hot idioms here at ESL Vault. See if your class can make example sentences and use them in grammatically correct sentences.

You can also set a writing task where students can write about what they did last summer. This is also great for practicing using the past tense.

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