free world map activity worksheet

Free printable world map worksheet activities

World map worksheet activities

These free map handouts are beneficial for any classes on the topics of countries, the world, and geography. Students enjoy these hands on craft activities and they really help them think more and retain the information they are learning.

The first blank map above can be used for any purpose but here it is part of a colouring and labeling project. To do this exercise you will also need 1 copy of the document below for each student.

You could do without the second worksheet and give your own instructions verbally on how to colour and what to write on the map. Younger students however, get into whole cut and paste tasks so it is worthwhile using it for early primary school aged students and below.

If you want to take this exercise even further you can also use the animals to cut and past from the animals world map activity.

World map labeling activity

This worksheet has the colouring instructions for each of the 7 continents – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. It also has the continents and oceans lables to cut and paste onto the world map worksheet.

Animals world map worksheet activity

This is a fun project where students must put animals correctly where they live on the world map. It not only helps teach continents but wildlife as well!

You may need to help lower-level students identify some of the animals and show them where they live. Some animals can live on several continents so try to get your class to spread the beasts evenly over the map to avoid cluttered landmasses.

Once they have finished they can practice speaking by forming sentences such as – “A gorilla lives in Africa”, or “Penguins live in Antarctica” and so on.

The 24 animals to be cut and pasted here from left to right are –

deer, elephant, swan, monkey, zebra, polar bear, owl, raccoon, parrot (macaw), rabbit, lion, gorilla, sloth, stork, giraffe, squirrel, camel, goat, dolphin, fox, penguin, koala, crocodile, and kangaroo.

Blank world map printables

Here are some blank world map printables that may be useful for any other activities or ideas you have. There is a blank map with continent outlines that is useful for colouring or pretty much anything else. The second map has country borders but no labels. You can use it to get students to write country names or colour specific countries. The third map is lightly coloured in case you need a more lively map to work with.


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