25 poverty conversation questions

25 poverty conversation questions

Poverty conversation questions

Poverty is the condition of living very poor. It is something everybody wants to avoid but is rife around the globe. Discuss these poverty conversation questions with your students and friends to find out their thoughts. Is money everything?

The hardest words and expressions in this discussion activity are – related to, wallet, busking, homeless shelter, occupation, minimum, survive, organization (noun), welfare, beggar, commit crime, shelter, and natural disaster.

The poverty conversation questions are –

Have you ever helped someone who had no money? What did you do to help them?

What would you say are the 5 poorest countries in the world? Why are they so poor?

What would you do if you were in another country and lost your wallet and passport?

Do you think that you could be very poor but happy at the same time? How?

What do you think of busking and people who play music on the street for money?

Are there any homeless shelters in your country? What do they do for poor people?

Is there a very poor area or neighborhood where you live? What is it like?

Do farmers make good money in your home country or is farming a poor occupation?

Is it possible for poor people to have a healthy diet where you live? What can they eat?

Who is the poorest person you know? What job do they do? Why don’t they change it?

What is the minimum amount of money you could live on each month to just get by?

Have you ever experienced poverty? What happened and how did you deal with it?

Do you think that some people choose to live in poverty? Why would they do this?

What is the poorest city in your country? How is it different from other cities?

What would you say are the 4 most important things that a person needs to survive?

How do you feel about charity organizations? Have you ever made a donation to one?

Where is a place that you think you could live with a very small amount of money?

Does your country provide welfare for poor people? Is it enough for people to live on?

Who has more happiness, poor people living in the jungle or people working in cities?

Are there many beggars where you live? Where do you think they sleep at night?

Do you think that poverty can drive people to commit crime? Should they be punished?

Have you ever had to spend a night outside without shelter? What did you do?

What would you say are some of the reasons that people live in poverty?

Do natural disasters ever occur in your country that cause people to lose everything?

washing hanging in a poor jungle area

Related poverty expressions

Once you have completed the poverty conversation questions, introduce these amusing poverty expressions to your class. Afterward, see if they can make sentences using them to demonstrate that they completely understand them.

A person who lives in poverty and has no money can be described as dirt-poor.

You can use the simile “As poor as a church mouse” to say that a person has no money.

If you have just enough money to live you are barely scraping by, living hand to mouth, or are strapped for cash.

A person living on borrowed money is in the red.

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