25 gadgets conversation questions

25 Useful gadgets conversation questions

Gadgets conversation questions

Gadgets and gizmos are all around us. They are used in our daily lives from things such as work to leisure and relaxation. This topic can be quite enjoyable to talk about and these gadgets discussion questions will help you get the conversation going.

Note that for teenagers and ESL students, the answers may often relate to mobile phones and computers. You might want to try to steer the conversation away from this or even suggest that they cannot be mentioned in their responses.

The most difficult terms for English language learners in this speaking activity include – desert island, tropical, rarely, invented, ridiculous, require, protect, distance, connect, and modern.


The gadgets conversation questions are –


1 – What would you say is the difference between a gadget and a machine?

2 – Is there a gadget that you are hoping to buy in the near future? What does it do?

3 – Which gadget makes your life much easier? Which gadget makes you feel happy?

4 – What 3 gadgets would you take to live on a desert island or in a tropical jungle?

5 – What kinds of gadgets do you have in your kitchen? What do you use them for?

6 – Is there a gadget that you have bought but rarely use? Why don’t you use it?

7 – What would be a good gadget to buy your mother or father? Why would they like it?

8 – Where is a good place to go shopping for gadgets? When did you last go there?

9 – Do you own any gadgets that are just for music or taking photographs?

10 – What is a gadget that you hope will be invented and for sale in the future?

11 – Have you ever seen a gadget that you thought was funny or ridiculous? What was it?

12 – What are some useful gadgets that help people with their health and fitness?

13 – Which gadgets that you own are waterproof? How deep underwater can they go?

14 – What is the most expensive gadget that you own? How much did it cost to buy?

15 – How many different gadgets have you used today? How did you use them?

16 – What is the most useful thing that you own that does not require electricity?

17 – Do you know anyone who likes to buy and has a lot of gadgets? What do they have?

18 – What kinds of gadgets can protect you and your home? Do you have any of these?

19 – How many different things can you think of that have a clock and tell the time?

20 – What kinds of things help you see at night and see far into the distance?

21 – Do you think that one day all gadgets will connect to the internet? Why or why not?

22 – What gadgets help you know about the weather? Which ones help in bad weather?

23 – What kinds of jobs require people to carry around a lot of gadgets?

24 – Can you think of any old gadgets that are no longer useful in the modern world?

25 – What kinds of gadgets are used for farming and gardening? What do they do?

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