25 people conversation questions

25 interesting people conversation questions

People conversation questions

People, people, people. They are everywhere and it is quite difficult to find yourself alone in the modern world. Everyone is different and many people act in their own distinct ways. Use the fun people discussion questions to find out how your class or friends feel about people.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – attracted, avoid, amongst, population, company (of people), body language, desert island, culture, appearance, ethnic minority, tribe, get along with, and compassion.



The people conversation questions are –


What kind of person would you say you are? Why do you think so?

What kind of people are you attracted to? What do you think people like about you?

Are there any kinds of people that you try to avoid? Why do you dislike them?

Do you enjoy being amongst crowds of people or do you prefer to be with just a few?

What is a nationality of people that you have met and thought were very friendly?

How many people live in your hometown? What is the population of your country?

In what ways have the people where you live changed over time? Why did they change?

Do you prefer the company of quiet or talkative people? Why do you think this is?

What do people in your country usually talk about when they first meet?

Do you think that there are too many people in the world? Will it change in the future?

What kinds of body language do people use in your country or culture?

How often do you meet new people? Do you feel comfortable meeting strangers?

Which country in the world do you think has the happiest people? Why are they happy?

Do you ever meet new people on the internet? On what websites do you meet them?

How would you feel living alone on a desert island with no other people around you?

Do people often talk to each other on public transport where you live? Why or why not?

What kind of people do you find the most interesting? Why do they interest you?

How long do people need to know each other before asking personal questions?

Do people in your culture care a lot about appearance? What things are important?

Are there any ethnic minority people in your country? In what ways are they different?

Would you like to live with a tribe of people in the Amazon jungle? Why or why not?

Do you think that it will ever be possible for all people to get along with each other?

Where is the best place to go to meet new people where you live?

Why do you think that some people have more kindness and compassion than others?

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People expressions

Here are some intriguing people expressions and idioms you can talk about once you have completed the people conversation questions.

A person that wouldn’t hurt a fly is very calm, gentle, and would never hurt someone deliberately.

To tar people with the same brush is to say that they are the same when in fact they probably are not. This idiom is used to express negativity or pessimism.

A person who feels like a fish out of water feels very uncomfortable and out of place.

If there is no love lost between two people, these two people particularly dislike each other.

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