25 conversation questions about communication

25 Conversation questions about communication

Conversation questions about communication

We live in a world where communication is vital for our daily lives, education, relationships, education, and work. Our ability to communicate well affects both our success and happiness.

Communication is ever-changing in the modern world, the ways can talk to others in the modern world were inconceivable only a couple of decades ago. Try using these engaging communication discussion questions to talk about this subject with your students, friends, and family.

The most difficult terms for ESL learners in this speaking activity include – family members, annoy, take back, culture, age group, admire, and miscommunication.


The conversation questions about communication are – 


1 – Which person do you communicate with the most? What do you often talk about?

2 – What is your favorite way to communicate with friends and family members?

3 – Is there anything that some people do when communicating that really annoys you?

4 – Would you say that you have good communication skills? Why do you think so?

5 – Do you find it hard or easy to communicate with strangers and new colleagues?

6 – Who was the first person that you communicated with today? What did you say?

7 – How has communication between people changed over the last 50 years?

8 – In what ways can you communicate without using words? Give an example.

9 – Have you ever wished that you could take back a conversation? What was it about?

10 – Do you think that social media has been a good or bad thing for communication?

11 – What kinds of body language are used to communicate in your culture?

12 – Are you a good listener? Who is a person that you think talks too much?

13 – Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language?

14 – Do you know how animals communicate? Can you give some examples of how?

15 – If you could communicate with the dead, who would you like to speak to?

16 – How would you feel if you couldn’t communicate with another person for 2 months?

17 – Which age group do you find it most difficult to communicate with? Why is this so?

18 – In what ways can being able to communicate well help us in our daily lives?

19 – Who is a person that you admire for their communication skills? Why?

20 – How many emails do you write and read each week? Who do you often write to?

21 – Have you ever had a problem because of miscommunication? What happened?

22 – How would you communicate with your friends if the world had no electricity?

23 – Have you ever written a letter and posted it in the mail? Where did you send it to?

24 – How would you start a conversation if you had to give somebody some bad news?

25 – Which jobs require good communication skills? Which jobs require very little talking?

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Idioms about communication

Here are a few interesting idioms that you can introduce and discuss with your group once you have completed the conversation questions about communication.


To bite your tongue is to stop saying something or hold it back so that you don’t cause trouble or unhappiness.

Example – She bit her tongue and didn’t tell her friend about her problems because she didn’t want to make her sad.


When you get straight to the point you immediately start talking about something important or your meaning without wasting time talking about other things.

Example – I wish John would get straight to the point instead of talking for 10 minutes before he does so.


If you butter up a person you treat and speak with them very nicely before either asking them for something you want or delivering them bad news.

Example – He buttered up his wife by giving her flowers before telling her he was going fishing with his friend in the morning.

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