25 conversation questions about siblings

25 Conversation questions about siblings

Conversation questions about siblings

Here is an easy yet enjoyable set of discussion questions that can be used with anyone who has brothers or sisters. These questions about siblings can be used by students, classmates, and friends to find out how they feel about the other members of their families.

It is a simple topic with the most difficult terms for English language learners being – age difference, personality, memory, relationship, humans, bother, pet name, nickname, and share.


The conversation questions about siblings are –


1 – What do you love most about your siblings?

2 – Do you come from a large or small family? How many siblings do you have?

3 – How old are your siblings and what do they do for work?

4 – What kinds of things did you enjoy doing with your siblings when you were younger?

5 – When is a time of year when all of your siblings gather together? What do you do?

6 – What do you think is the best amount of brothers and sisters to have?

7 – Which of your parents do your siblings look like? Which sibling do you look like?

8 – Did you have to share a bed or bedroom with one of your siblings when you grew up?

9 – What is something that you and a sibling often disagree or argue about? Why?

10- Would you prefer to have an older sister or a younger brother? Why?

11- Do you and your siblings have similar personalities or are you very different?

12- What are the age differences between you and your siblings?

13- In what ways have your brothers and sisters changed over the years? Is this good?

14- What is a nice memory that you have of spending time with one of your siblings?

15- Do you think it is better to be the youngest or oldest child in the family? Why?

16- What kinds of things do your siblings enjoy doing in their free time?

17- How are animal’s relationships with their siblings different from humans?

18- Do you think that some of your siblings are treated differently by your parents? Why?

19- What is something that one of your siblings does that bothers you?

20- How do you and your siblings greet each other when you meet? How do you say bye?

21- Has one of your siblings ever taught you anything or given you some good advice?

22- Do you and your siblings have any pet names or nicknames for each other?

23- If you were going to buy gifts for your siblings today, what would you buy them?

24- What is something that you hope to do with one of your siblings in the future?

25- Do you ever share your clothing or other things with your brothers and sisters?

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