25 conversation questions about storms

25 Conversation questions about storms

Conversation questions about storms

Storms are commonly regarded as bad weather. They can be dangerous and violent while at other times welcome and refreshing. Use these questions about storms to see how people feel and know about this weather phenomenon.

For English language students, the most challenging words in this speaking activity include – signs, prepare, hurricane, typhoon, cyclone, flood, deep, repair, power out, stranded, stuck, survival kit, storm path, and behavior.


The conversation questions about storms are –


1 – What are some signs in nature that can tell you that a storm is coming?


2 – What things do you like and dislike about storms? Would you like a storm tomorrow?


3 – What time of year has the most storms where you live? When was the last storm?


4 – How would you prepare if you knew a hurricane was going to hit tomorrow?


5 – What kinds of sounds and noises can you hear during a large storm?


6 – Have you ever felt afraid during a storm? Why did you feel scared?


7 – Describe the biggest storm you have ever experienced. What happened at that time?


8 – Are there places in your town that flood during storms? How deep does the water get?


9 – In what ways can storms be dangerous? What things can be damaged by storms?


10- Have you ever had to repair something after a storm? What did you repair and how?


11- What area of your country has the most powerful storms? Is it safe to live there?


12- Where does the water from rain go after it lands on the roof of your home?


13- Do you know of any famous storms? When were they and why are they famous?


14- What are the differences between hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons?


15- Has your home ever lost electricity because of a storm? How long was the power out?


16- Where is the safest place to be in your home during a dangerous storm? Why?


17- Who does your government usually send to help clean up after a big storm?


18- Have you ever been in a sandstorm? What do you think a sandstorm would be like?


19- Do you have any pets that are afraid of storms? What do they do during a storm?


20- What are some things that you should never do when there is a storm? Why not?


21- Have you ever been stranded somewhere because of a storm? Where were you stuck?


22- If you were going to make a storm survival kit, what 10 things would you put in it?


23- What are some ways to follow the paths of storms and know about their behavior?


24- In what ways can houses be designed differently to withstand storms?


25- Why are storms more dangerous to people in poor countries than wealthy ones?


26- What are some countries and areas of the world that get a lot of storms? Why do you think this is so?

a storm coming across a green field
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