25 dreams conversation questions

25 dreams conversation questions

Dreams conversation questions

Dreams are fascinating things, we all have them even though we sometimes don’t remember them. Some people believe they have important meanings and they make for a great discussion topic in most situations.

The most difficult words in this speaking activity about dreams include – nightmare, predict, recurring, chase, realistic, surreal, communicate, and superstition.

The dreams conversation questions are –

Do you have a lot of dreams? Do you often remember your dreams?

What did you dream about last night? What did you dream about last week?

Have you ever had a dream that you were flying? What happened in the dream?

If you could choose what your dream would be tonight, what would it be about?

Have you ever had a nightmare? What was it about and why did it scare you?

Do you believe that dreams have meanings or can predict the future?

Have you ever had a recurring dream? Can you describe it?

Do you think that animals have dreams? What would a whale dream about?

Have you ever dreamt that you were being chased? What was chasing you?

Do you often wake up after a dream or do you usually continue to sleep?

Do you like to talk to other people about your dreams? Who do you talk to?

Can you think of a dream that one of your parents told you about? What was it?

What do you think would be a way to help have nice dreams when you wanted to?

Do you think that a person’s diet and health affect the way that they dream?

What do you think that a dream about seeing a tiger could mean?

Have you ever had a dream about your teeth? What happened in your dream?

What is something that you never want to have a dream about? Why not?

Have you ever dreamt you were speaking in another language? Which language?

Are your dreams usually realistic or strange and surreal?

Have you ever tried to keep a diary of your dreams? Why or why not?

Have you ever dreamt about school or work and then woke up and had to go there?

What do you think it would be like if we could communicate in our dreams?

Would you like to be able to watch other people’s dreams? Whose would you watch?

Do you know any interesting cultural beliefs or superstitions about dreams?

magic lamp to represent dreaming

Dream idioms

Here are some fun dream idioms you can introduce or discuss with your class after completing the dreams conversation questions.

If you are living the dream, your life is fantastic and everything is going perfectly.

A pipe dream is something that a person wants to happen but almost surely never will.

Something that is beyond your wildest dreams is something that is wonderful and much better than you could have expected.

If something goes like a dream, it works or happens perfectly with no problems at all.

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