25 South America conversation questions

25 South America conversation questions

South America conversation questions

South America is a fascinating continent with many different cultures, countries and landscapes. These discussion questions about South America provide a great speaking topic for intermediate-level learners and above.

The most challenging terms in this activity include – associate, continent, culture, landmarks, landscapes, Inca, Mayan, Aztec, exports, imports, concerned, and standard.

The South America conversation questions are –

How many countries are there in South America? How many can you name?

What are 5 things that you associate with the continent of South America?

Have you ever tried South American food? What did you eat and did you like it?

Do you like South American coffee? What other drinks are from this continent?

Which country in South America would you most like to visit? Why?

What languages are spoken in South America? Do you know any words from them?

What are some animals that only live in South America? Which is your favorite?

Do you think South American culture is different to that of North America? How?

Do you know of any South American holidays or festivals? What happens at them?

What are some famous landscapes or landmarks in South America?

How would you describe the music of South America? What

What do you think is the most dangerous place or country in South America? Why?

In what ways do you think South America was different 500 years ago?

What do you know about the Inca, Mayan and Aztec civilizations?

How do you think the South American diet is different to where you are from?

Which South American country do you think is best at football? Who’s the best player?

What do you think are the main exports and imports of South America?

Which would you fear most, being lost in the Amazon jungle or lost in a city at night?

Some people in South America eat guinea pigs, would you like to try one?

Who are some famous people from South America? What do/did they do?

How is South American art different to art from your home country?

Are you concerned about the destruction of the Amazon jungle and rainforests?

If you could go to South America to buy 1 thing, what would it be?

Do you think most people have a high standard of living in South America?

a south american guacho

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