25 mining conversation questions

25 mining conversation questions

Mining conversation questions

Here is another free PDF worksheet about mining conversation questions. This is an interesting subject for discussions based on the natural environment.

It is a fairly challenging topic with some of the most difficult terms that you may need to pre-teach being – accidents, recently, natural environment, tunnel, underground, allowed, excavated, valuable, resources, machinery, first and third world countries, and illegal.

The mining conversation questions are –

What is your opinion on mining? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing?

What kinds of things are mined in your country? Where are the mines?

Have you ever visited a mine? Where was it and what did you do there?

Would you like to be a miner? Are miners paid well in your home country?

What are some dangerous things about mining? What accidents can happen?

Have you heard any news about mining in the news recently? What was it?

In what ways does mining affect the natural environment?

How would you feel about working in tunnels deep underground?

Are there any mines in your country that you think should not be allowed?

Are there any gold mines in your country? How is the gold excavated?

What do you think would be the worst country in the world to be a miner?

What would happen if all the mines in the world stopped working?

Besides gold, what are the most valuable resources for mines to dig up?

Do you anybody who has ever worked in a mine? What did they say about it?

What kinds of equipment and machinery are used in mining?

Do you think that there will be mining in space one day? When and where?

What are the names of some big mining companies? Where are they from?

Are there any kinds of things that you feel should not be mined? Why?

If you owned a small forest or jungle that had diamonds, would you mine it?

What kinds of things need to be mined in order to make a mobile phone?

How do you think mining is different in first and third world countries?

What are some things that could make mining more environmentally friendly?

If you went to work in a mine for six months where would you choose? Why?

Is there any illegal mining in your country? What do people dig for?

mining quarry with lake

Mining idioms

Here are some interesting mining idioms you can discuss once you have completed discussing the mining conversation questions. See if your students can come up with some example sentences and situations in which they could be used appropriately.

If a person is sitting in a gold mine, they either have something or an opportunity to make themselves a large amount of money.

A person who is a mine of information is extremely knowledgable about one or more subjects and is able to provide others with a lot of information about it.

A canary in a coal mine is an expression that means something bad or dangerous is about to happen.

When a person says that they are going back to the salt mines, they are saying that they are returning to a job that they do not like or is particularly difficult.


open pit mining at night
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