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28 free printable flowers to cut out

Printable flowers to cut out

Here is a handy free resource of printable flowers to cut out and use in art and craft activities. There are line drawings that can be colored in, leaves, and photos of flowers. They can be used to decorate other projects or for flower-themed activities that you decide to do.

There are a variety of different flower pictures including a lily, sunflower, orchid, hibiscus, dogwood, buttercup, magnolia, rose, chamomile, dahlia, strawflower, bird of paradise, and more.

There is also a sheet of free printable leaves to color. Once colored in the leaves add a nice green to your flower projects and help the flowers stand out more.

Read below for some ideas for using the printables.

Activities for the printable flowers to cut out sheets

This page is a resource, not an activity in itself. If you are wondering what you can do with the printable flowers, here are 14 fun and interesting ideas!

  1. Make a collage, you can even get your students to draw their own vase and stems on a sheet of paper and stick them on that.
  2. Make floral headbands. Make a headband with 2 strips of paper and decorate them to make flower crowns.
  3. Use them to decorate project posters. They can be stuck around the borders and in the corners to add color and make them more engaging.
  4. Staple or tape them together to make chains or belts.
  5. Let your students have fun decorating the classroom with printable flowers.
  6. Use them to make beautiful Mother’s Day or Valentines Day cards.
  7. By sticking a flower to a strip of paper you can also make wearable paper bracelets.
  8. Use the line drawing pictures for a painting activity, watercolors work really well for this.
  9. Use them to decorate small boxes or jars for kids to put things in.
  10.  If you have magnets they can be attached to the back of the flowers to make fridge magnets.
  11. Attach string to the flowers and make hanging mobiles. It is best to stick two identical flowers back to back for this.
  12. Make them into name tags.
  13. Staple the sides of two identical flowers back to back and make finger puppets.
  14. Print and cut out a lot of the flowers and use them in counting and math games.
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