25 conversation questions about fall and autumn

25 Conversation questions about fall and autumn

Conversation questions about fall and autumn

When the fall or autumn arrives, the weather starts to cool off. The leaves on trees begin to fall before the cold arrival of winter. It is a conversation topic that all people can relate to and start a good discussion on.

These questions about fall and autumn can not only be used by ESL learners but also talked about with your friends and colleagues. It should be noted that the season is known as fall in North America, in other native English-speaking countries it is called autumn. These questions mostly use the word fall, you can easily change that if you wish.

For English learners discussing this subject, the most difficult words and terms include – look forward to, special, celebrate, bother, temperature, comfortable, scent, during, schedule, routine, memory, and prepare.


The conversation questions about fall and autumn are –


1 – What are 5 words that you would use to describe fall/autumn?

2 – In which months of the year is the fall or autumn season in your country?

3 – How is the weather during fall different from other seasons of the year?

4 – What is something that you look forward to about fall? What happens at this time?

5 – Are there dead leaves around your home during fall? How do they get cleaned up?

6 – What is something interesting about animals that happens during the fall?

7 – Does your country celebrate Halloween or any other special days in this season?

8 – Is there anything that you dislike about fall? Why does it bother you?

9 – What are your plans for this coming fall? Do you want to travel to any places?

10 – Are there any special smells or scents that remind you of fall? Where are they from?

11 – What are the temperatures like during fall in your country? Is it comfortable outside?

12 – Do you like to get out in nature in the fall? Where do you go and what do you do there?

13 – What clothing do you usually wear in this season? What footwear do you wear?

14 – Which fruits and vegetables are in season at this time of the year in your country?

15 – What is your favorite way to spend weekends in the fall? How often do you get to do this?

16 – Are there any food or drinks that you look forward to enjoying in this season?

17 – What is something that a lot of people do in the fall in your hometown? Why?

18 – Does your schedule change or do you have a different daily routine in the fall? How?

19 – Can you think of a happy fall memory? Who were you with and what happened?

20 – If you had to describe fall with a sentence, what would that sentence be?

21 – What colors do you usually see around your home in fall? What makes these colors?

22 – Do you watch a lot of television during fall? What are some things you like to watch?

23 – What activities do you think that children enjoy doing the most in fall? Why?

24 – Do you do anything in fall to prepare for the coming winter? Why do you do this?

25 – What is something that you hope to do this fall that you have never done before?

A mountain forest during the season of fall.

More fall activities

Here are some more fun activities to do once you have completed discussing the questions about fall.

Halloween is a popular holiday in this season, check out the Halloween conversation questions for more interesting questions about this holiday. There are also Halloween worksheets that involve vocabulary matching activities, a crossword, and a word search puzzle.

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