25 kindness conversation questions

25 kindness conversation questions

Kindness conversation questions

Kindness is regarded as being nice, helpful, pleasant, and showing empathy to other living creatures. It is something that all people should try to embrace in their daily lives. You can use these kindness discussion questions to find out how your students and friends feel about the topic and how kind they are.

This speaking activity is a fairly easy one but there are a few terms that you may need to teach beforehand to ESL students. These include – an act of kindness, culture, contagious, charity, volunteer, encourage, nasty, and regret.

The kindness conversation questions are –


Would you say that you are a kind person? How kind are you and why do you think so?

What is the kindest thing that anyone has done for you? Why did they do it?

Have you ever done anything kind for a stranger? What did you do and why?

Who is the kindest person that you know? What kind things do they do?

When was the last time you did something kind for someone in your family?

What is the greatest act of kindness you have ever seen another person do?

How do you feel after seeing an act of kindness or doing something kind yourself?

Do you think that the people of the world will become more or less kind in the future?

Who are some people from history that are famous for their kindness?

What is something kind that you could do tomorrow? Where would you do it?

Have you heard of any stories in which an animal has been kind to a person?

On which day of the year are people kindest to each other in your country or culture?

Some people say that kindness is contagious, do you think that this is true? Why?

What did you do for your best friend on their last birthday? Did they like it?

Would you like to try any charity or volunteer work? What would you like to do?

Can you think of any way to encourage or teach people to be kinder?

What is a good book you have read or movie you have seen that was about kindness?

Why do you think that some people seem to have more kindness than others?

Have you ever helped a wounded or lost animal? What did you do to help it?

If you had to draw a picture to describe kindness, what would it look like?

Do you think that you could be kind to someone who is nasty to you or other people?

Have you ever done something kind and then regretted it afterward? What happened?

Who taught you about kindness? What is something they said that you remember?

What was the last kind thing you said to somebody? Why did you say it to them?

an arm reaching to help in kindness

Kindness idoms

Once you have completed the kindness conversation questions, introduce these related idioms to continue the discussion. A good idea for ESL students is to get them to create sentences using the idioms.

To kill someone with kindness is to be too kind to them. This can mean to spoil a person, irritate them with kindness, give them something they don’t want, or even cause them harm.

A person who is very kind can be said to have a heart of gold.

If you respond in kind, you treat someone the same way that they treat you.

A person who does something out of the kindness of their heart, helps for no reason other than to be nice. They do not expect anything in return for their help.

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